Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Debuts Today
By mustang6560 on 3/27/12
Tiger Woods is the ultimate competitor. His desire to win is the reason he is a 72-time winner on the PGA Tour, which includes 14 major championships. He not only wants to beat his opponents on the golf course, he wants to demoralize them to the point that they question their career choice.

So it's the perfect coincidence that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 debuts today, the same day Hank Haney released his new book "The Big Miss". I know Tiger does not control the release date for his video game, but the timing could not have worked out any better. If you combine his victory Sunday at the Arnold Palmer Invitational and the release of his video game, he definitely stole some of Hank's thunder. I can imagine Tiger sitting in the basement of his Jupiter, Florida mansion muttering something along the lines of "You want a popsicle now, Hank (insert evil laugh)?" I wonder which will sell better?

Anyway, I reviewed Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 last year but I have no plans to purchase and review the latest release in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series. I am not a gamer and my access to a console (kickntrue) is no longer readily available. That said, I don't want to leave you completely hanging so I'll direct you to Kotaku's review of the game. It's a solid review and it's actually educational. Despite its all-male membership requirement, Augusta National does not prohibit women from playing the Masters.
As strange as that may sound, it is true. There is no gender proscription in qualifying for The Masters. Among other bids awarded, The Masters gives an automatic qualification to the current champions of five tournaments, none of which prohibit women from entering. One of those tournaments is the U.S. Amateur Public Links. Michelle Wie advanced to match play in that tournament in 2005, as the first woman golfer to qualify for a United States Golf Association national men's tournament. Had Wie won that tournament, she would have played against men at Augusta.
You can also watch Tiger talk about the game with Amanda Balionis here. If any plans to pick up a copy, feel free to share your impressions of the game. I'll be curious if anyone finds the new "Legacy" mode worthwhile.

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bobhooe says:
it's waiting at home for me right now, I purchased the xbox (KINECT)version. someone should set up an OOB Country Club and host some online tournaments. I would but im a bit on the lazy side.
Kickntrue says:
Buy It! Buy It! Buy It! (crap- I guess this is Spam, huh?)
falcon50driver says:
Kick , what is your avatar? I's kinda small to tell, A bear?, a shaved dog?
bobhooe says:
I can now say after 12 holes of Tiger Woods 13 using the KINECT that it is crap sauce. Good for kids but way to easy for anyone over 7 years old. My son is 5 and was 2 under after 12 holes. maybe some in game adjustments to make it harder but i will be sticking to the good old controller for this one.
jev says:
@bobhooe: utterly disappointed eh? I got that same feeling when trying the xbox360 demo yesterday evening. Kinetic doesn't live up to its promise in this game!
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