"3 Mistresses: Notorious Tales of the World's Greatest Golfer"
By mustang6560 on 3/29/12
I wonder what Tiger Woods' reaction was like when he first heard about Hank Haney's new book "The Big Miss"?

If his press conference at the Honda Classic was any indication, it's safe to say he probably uttered a few expletives prior to or following Hank's name. But, I'm willing to bet if given the choice, Tiger would rather see Hank write a second book about his experience as Tiger's coach instead of this:
Just as Tiger Woods is getting back into his swing for the Masters, three of his former porn-star mistresses are releasing a new X-rated movie based on their bedroom romps with the sex-crazed duffer.

Devon James, Holly Sampson and Joslyn James are starring in “3 Mistresses: Notorious Tales of the World’s Greatest Golfer,” which is slated to be released on April 3 — the day after Woods is set to tee off in the Masters, a tournament he has not won since 2005.

In the movie, the women are together for an in-depth Q&A session about Woods, which includes explicit discussions about his sexual tastes and on-screen demonstrations of what the golf legend is like in the sack.
I wonder what Tiger's reaction was like when he heard three of his alleged porn-star mistresses were making a movie? I also wonder if Alex Miceli, the GolfWeek reporter in the above video, is going to pose a question to Tiger in his next press conference regarding the movie. If he does, I hope he's ready for another death stare!

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Keith Allison

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homermania says:
You know what I'd do if I were Tiger? I'd buy that video.
Duke of Hazards says:
chief_broom says:
sounds more interesting than haney's book
legitimatebeef says:
Nice going Tiger, smooth move ex-lax.
Kurt the Knife says:
oh for fux sake.

Is this the planet I live on?
SpaceMaNy0 says:
You know golf needs more of? Porn.
Kurt the Knife says:
oh lord.
Can the golf press please leave this crap out of Q and A?
plz...just plz.
ToddRobb says:
It's going to be interesting to see if someone is brave (or stupid) enough to ask him about it during his press conference on Wednesday before the tournament starts. I honestly thought there would have been many more books and movies by now, I forgot, Tiger probably has a massive slush fund for hush money.
srogers13 says:
My guess is no, because this is blantantly more of a money grab from some attention whores trying to exploit a situation. At least with Haney, some people can say that this is him more talking about Tiger from his perspective from a historical standpoint.
3put says:
Kurt I totally agree! If I wanted to read garbage like this then I would read Devil Ball blog on yahoo.
3put says:
If this is the route that OOB is going and feels the need that it has to report on every stupid thing about golf it will have 1 less member.
craigsd says:
This is the problem with our society today. Want to know is not necessarily need to know. That reporter, hopefully, will leave this alone! NOT!!! Stop this insanity.
Martin.Hunt says:
I think it's kind of funny
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