Hank Haney Won't Call Into "Boomer & Carton" Show Again
By mustang6560 on 3/30/12
Hank Haney, the author of "The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods", called into the Boomer & Carton in the Morning Show, a sports radio show in New York, earlier today to promote his new tell-all book.

The interview started out like a typical interview with the introduction and some small talk, but it quickly turned ugly (around the five minute mark). Craig Carton, the one host with the apparent male insecurity issues, proceeded to berate and attempt to belittle Hank for the next several issues.

Listen to Interview

Over the course of the interview, Craig calls Hank "the scum of the earth", a "terrible human being" and a "snake", among other things. And just when he thinks Hank had enough of the verbal abuse and is about to hang up, he tells Hank "don't be a coward" and hang up. Hank battled for over 15 minutes but eventually hung up - and I don't fault him for it.

I am not a fan of the book, but I would never act like Craig did in the interview. In my opinion, he embarrassed himself and the network by verbally attacking Hank. His repeated comments about being a man and trying to bait Hank into hanging up, which would make him a coward, reflected poorly on Craig. It's perfectly fine to disagree with Hank's motives surrounding the book and it's perfectly fine to express those beliefs on-air, but he crossed the professional line. I hope he is fined or worse.

That said, I thought Hank did a pretty good job standing up for himself. I know I would have hung up earlier on those two buffoon, which I guess makes me a coward.

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GreggScott says:
I know there is a lot of controversy over weather Hank should have written the book in the first place. I just finished reading the book and would like to say that is was fascinating. Getting an insight to those six years gave me an understanding of what goes on at the highest levels of golf. Hank was fair in both his praise and criticism of TW. There were no cheap shots. IMO... Hank has the right to get his version of that time out there. He has been criticized as TW's coach and has the right to give his version for the record. If people want to take exception to what he said, they should read the book and do that in a professional and mature manner. If TW wants to make sure that future coaches (or others within his inner circle) don't do the same, then have them sign a contract with non disclosure language and pay them accordingly. This was a good book. Hank had the legal right to publish it. TW is a public figure. Hank was fair and honest and has a stake telling his side of the story.
dartboss04 says:
Gregg - what is it like working with Sugar Ray?
dartboss04 says:
Kidding. It seems like it's not as bad as the snippets that came out.
GreggScott says:
Sugar Ray is a helluva guy..... just needs to use his hands more... :-)
sepfeiff says:
I think this is going to spur the NDA wave amongst individual sport athletes with regards to their coaching staff.
sigmapete1 says:
It's about time someone confronted Haney directly on specifics about the book. HH is an attention whore and nothing more. I love that Haney says "well your opinion is not the majority." Where does Haney get that from?!
ecbrown says:
I think it's about time someone confront Tiger about the way he acts on the course sometimes but of course no one ever will because he'll never give them an interview again. I think Hank seems like a good guy, better than Tiger for sure and I don't blame him for the book, I hope it does well.
DougE says:
Sorry ec, but Tiger acts no different than most on the course. He gets mad and says stuff, just like everyone else out there. We just happen to hear it more from him because the cameras are always on him. He doesn't ask for the attention from TV. The general golfing audience does. And the networks oblige. Tiger plays with a passion, just like most other pros do, and many hackers as well. (Me among them.) When things don't go their way, they react. Negatively. It would be a fantasy to think otherwise. I think Tiger would like nothing more than to be able to play his game without all the attention. Haney, on the other hand, seems to be looking for it to further his career. There is nothing wrong with that either. Many of us would do the same thing if we had the chance.
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