Dog Eats Owners Masters Tickets
By mustang6560 on 4/4/12
There is a story circulating the Internet about a dog who ate its owners Masters practice round tickets.

Dog eats man’s Masters tickets right before he leaves for Augusta

The story has a happy ending as said Masters practice round ticket holder called Augusta National and the fine folks in green jackets simply reissued the tickets.

While I am happy for the Seattle man that he will be able to fulfill his lifelong dream of attending the Masters, I can't help but wonder why he put himself in this position to begin with. If I ever get as lucky as to get tickets to the Masters, no dog, no squirrel, no raccoon, no person even will be able to get anywhere close to the tickets, let alone eat them. My tickets would be under lock and key from the moment I get them until the moment I frame them and hang them on the wall in my house.

If you want to hear the dog owner's story about his experience sifting through dog vomit to try and recover his tickets, you can listen to his interview from "Mitch in the Morning".

Flickr, mikebaird

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birdieXris says:
Bad dog.
legitimatebeef says:
My dog would love to eat some Masters tickets--he loves to shred paper and loves anything forbidden.
Torleif Sorenson says:
LB: Perhaps your dog is looking for "more fibers" in his diet. :)
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