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24 People Arrested Trying to Scalp Masters Tickets
By mustang6560 on 4/4/12
I do not know the exact percentage, but I am willing to bet that 95% of golf fans like you and me have never seeing the blooming azaleas and rolling fairways of Augusta National in person. Even 4M golf fans (the ones who only tune in for the four majors) dream of attending the Masters because Augusta National is one of the most iconic venues in all of sports.

But tickets for the Masters are hard to come by so the majority of us are left to daydream of a different time and space where maybe, just maybe we were one of the elite golfers who had the opportunity to play Augusta National as a professional golfer to contend for the coveted green jacket (back to reality).

For some, the desire to attend the Masters is so strong that they drive to Augusta, Georgia to try and scalp tickets on the street. Ticket scalping is common place in sports, but be warned, the practice is NOT tolerated very well in Augusta, and if you get caught trying to scalp tickets near the gate you may end up in jail.
Before coming out for Tuesday’s practice round, the Atlanta couple had been informed by friends that they could easily get tickets from patrons leaving for the day, Harwell said.

She said her husband approached a man near the corner of Berckmans and Washington roads and offered him $20 for his ticket. As soon as the exchange took place, both men found themselves under arrest, Harwell said.
Apparently there is a law stating that you cannot buy or sell tickets within 2,700 feet of the gates of Augusta National so had the couple purchased the tickets down the road, everything would be OK. Can you imagine the emotional roller coaster? Just when you think you're about to step foot into the Mecca of golf, a police officer says "freeze, you're under arrest!".

If any oober is planning to try and scalp tickets tomorrow, please be advised to take your transaction 2,701 feet away from the gates. I don't want to have to blog about you and your misfortunes next week!

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windowsurfer says:
There is a lot to dislike about Aubusta National, says this not fat, not rich, not conservative, not powerful observer. An observer who is however not not white and not female - two positive attributes. So I'm told. Love the golf, love the course, not the rest. Although I DO feel safer now that those scalpers have been captured.
bducharm says:
I attended the Wednesday practice round this year for the first time ever. You are correct about the feeling. Standing in line yesterday waiting to get in was tremendous. When we came through the gates and finally laid eyes upon the beauty of Augusta National, well it was simply breathtaking. We did see MANY people buying and selling tickets, including walking through the parking lot trying to buy.
mustang6560 says:
@bducharm- I hate youThat's awesome!
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