Masters Round 2 Open Thread
By mustang6560 on 4/6/12
Henrik Stenson erased his two eagles on the front nine with a quadruple bogey on hole 18 yesterday in round one of the Masters. Had he managed to par the hole, he'd be in a tie with Lee Westwood atop the leaderboard at Augusta National. Instead, he is in a 16-way tie for 13th four strokes back.

How about old Westy? The Englishman played solid en route to a five-under par 67, which was good enough to give him his first lead through 18 holes at a major. Is this the year he finally respectfully withdrawals his name from the "Best without a major" list?

My man Luke Donald struggled through the first round but managed to birdie the 17th hole to stop the bleeding the best he could. I just hope he finds his second gear today so he'll be around for the weekend!

What were your thoughts from round one? What do you want to see today in round 2?

Friday, April 6

Live Coverage on
10:45am-6:00pm - Amen Corner

11:45am-7:00pm - Holes 15 and 16

12:00pm-7:30pm - Featured Group 1 and 2
TV Broadcast Coverage on ESPN
3:00pm-7:30pm - Round 2

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birdieXris says:
That was one of the most painful 18th holes i've ever watched -- including the one i lived where i shot 10 thanks to a drunk observer moving my ball and causing controversy. I felt so bad for him when he hit the 2nd shot from the pine straw and it only went like 30 yards.
bkuehn1952 says:
This has absolutely nothing to do with The Masters. Did I miss the "Shell Houston Open" give-a-way winner announcement? I am going to assume I won. Nathan, I really need a new golf towel so you can let me know how to arrange for the delivery of my well-deserved prize?
mustang6560 says:
LOL. You did not win :( I already contacted the winner and sent the towel, but I'll announce it next week.
mjaber says:
"respectfully withdrawals"

mjaber says:
From the updates I can see, it looks like Freddie's back is holding up pretty good...

Imagine if he & Tiger were paired together? Would 3 of the 4 (2 players, 2 caddies) be routing for Freddie?
legitimatebeef says:
ESPN coverage is atrocious. Not that many commercials but a whole lot of pompous packaging and bumpers reminding you all about how special this friggin tournament is. The golf is getting the short shrift here. Miguel Angel Jimenez is one off the lead and he can't buy any coverage. I want to know how he is getting his ball around the course and they won't show it. Thanks a lot.
Duke of Hazards says:
DirecTV has a package with all of the feeds from the site (and Android App). You're probably better off watching on the computer if the ESPN coverage is that bad. The app is one of the better ones I've seen, has all the content of the website. I'm loving the hole highlights, too.
legitimatebeef says:
Peter Kostis couldn't hide his disdain for Tiger if he tried. Verne Lundquist got caught rooting for Tiger's ball to roll into the water on 16. Every American announcer continues to ignore Jimenez. What a bust. Would kill for a little objectivity from the announcers. No one tunes in for their opinions. What a bust. I'm probably going to play golf tomorrow.
legitimatebeef says:
Surprised that the low score is only -5. I have a feeling the scoring is going to open up for the weekend, I bet they try to manufacture some roars on Sunday.

Guarantee Jim Nantz is wetting himself at the thought of Freddie pulling it off.
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