The 100 Million Dollar Man
By mustang6560 on 9/5/12
Tiger Woods may or may not win the FedExCup or the Player of the Year Award in 2012, however, he set a record even a young Rory McIlroy can only hope to achieve — he is the first PGA Tour player in history to reach the $100 million mark in career earnings.
Tiger Woods has become the first $100 million man on the PGA Tour.

Woods finished third in the Deutsche Bank Championship on Monday to earn $544,000 and push his career total to $100,350,700. Next on the list is Phil Mickelson - more than $30 million behind at $66,805,498 after finishing fourth at the TPC Boston.

"The purse increase helps," Woods said after a final-round 66 left him two strokes behind winner Rory McIlroy in the second week of the four-tournament FedEx Cup playoff. "I won fewer tournaments than Sam Snead has, but obviously he was in a different era. It's just that we happened to time it up right and happened to play well when the purses really had a nice spike up."
The next closest player on the career money list is Vijay Singh and he is more than $30 million back of Tiger at $66,791,396. To put that in perspective, Vijay is the entire career of Steve Stricker or Justin Leonard or Kenny Perry behind of Tiger.

The craziest thing about Tiger's new career milestone is Sam Snead, who still holds the record for most PGA Tour victories at 82 (Tiger has 74), only won $620,126 in his entire career.

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mmontisano says:
i think Phil will take over that number 2 spot after these next 2 weeks. he's only $200k behind Vijay.
Matt McGee says:
Who would believe that the best career advice in history would be "Get really good at swinging that stick."
jcstoll says:
It's mind-boggling that Tiger has probably averaged that amount in endorsements ANNUALLY since he went pro.
bobhooe says:
or that he had to settle up with the ex for 3 times that
Banker85 says:
ok who is 2nd vj or phil?
srogers13 says:
The amazing part was the leading all time money winner ending in 1996 was Greg Norman with just over 9 million in lifetime earnings.
mmontisano says:
Banker, Vijay is #2....for now.
C-4 says:
Who is the best golfer in history??? Money talks, bs walks, and the two never meet in between
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