Bubba Watson Wins The Masters
By mustang6560 on 4/8/12
It took all of one second for the tears to start flowing following Bubba Watson's par putt on the second playoff hole to win the 2012 Masters.

And I don't think anyone expected a different reaction from him.

Bubba wears his emotions on his sleeve and winning a major championship, the Masters at that, is probably one of the most emotional experiences a professional golfer can have.

I could not have asked for a better non-Tiger Woods, non-Rory McIlroy finish at the Masters. The top of the leaderboard was crowded for the majority of the afternoon until Bubba and Louis Oosthuizen finally pulled away with only a of couple holes left. The two finished in a tie for first at 10-under par to force a playoff.

On the first playoff hole, the 18th, I was sure Bubba was going to win. He hit a solid tee shot and he left himself a good look at birdie. However, following his tee shot on the second playoff hole, the 10th, I thought he squandered his opportunity. His drive sailed right into the trees and Louis' drive somehow managed to stay in the first cut on the right side of the fairway. Between the two lies, it appeared the Masters was going to be won by a South African for the second year in a row.

But, Bubba from Baghdad is not afraid of anything. He hit one of the best shots in the history of the Masters. From some 30 feet in the trees, Bubba drew the ball up and out of the trees and onto the green to 15 or so feet. The imagination, let alone the execution, it takes to pull off a shot like that is incredible!

I could not be happier for Bubba. He is a deserving champion and I wish him success for years to come. After all, he is one of my favorite golfers!

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ezra_hendrickx says:
Bubba plays inspiring golf. In a world of robotic "iron byron" knockoffs, I will always cheer for the guy who hits 40 yard hooks and slices. He is a true artist who sees the shot and attempts it, and when he fails, he fails with style. Congrats Bubba, and keep up the great work.
barbajo says:
Inspiring's the right word. No cliches from Bubba - just straight from the heart stuff. Quote of the year: "I never got this far in my dreams." Good on you, Bubba!
elhacker says:
Couldn't have happened to a finer gentleman.
nomullies says:
I can't get over the shot out of the woods. Bubba golf. Unreal.
trikai says:
We idolize athletic ability sometimes at the expense of more important personal attributes. After all the headlines of this year's event we have a "Master Champion" in Bubba Watson.
dtak84 says:
Grats to Bubba! and why does everyone always use "imagination"? If I were in that position, the only thing I could think of doing to get on the green would be to play a huge slice (right hander). Does that mean I have a great imagination...?
cvargo says:
One of the best Masters ever!
cvargo says:
oh yea and Mustang it looks like you won a free addict membership... how does that work?
Matt F says:
Congratulations to Bubba. Great to see a guy that never had a coach and taught himself to swing reach this pinnacle.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Congrats, indeed! Bubba has to be the most humble pro golfers I've ever seen or will see, for that matter. Down to earth guy for sure.
Kurt the Knife says:
"It took all of one second for the tears to start flowing"

Blubba Watson
flcopper169 says:
I was there...at the green... It was amazing sight to watch that ball coming towards the green and stopping where it did....You couldn't see him from the green.. Congratulations Bubba you are a roll model for our children....
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