Louis Oosthuizen's Albatross Ball Returned to Augusta National
By mustang6560 on 4/9/12
Louis Oosthuizen made history at the Masters Sunday.

The South African came up short in his bid for a green jacket, but not before he left a lasting impression on Augusta National for years to come.

Louis' second shot on the 575 yard par-5 second magically found the bottom of the cup for a two. It was the first albatross on the second hole in the history of the Masters.

Wayne Mitchell, a patron sitting near the second green, not only witnessed the incredible shot, but he also caught the ball Louis used to record the albatross. But, instead of keeping the piece of memorabilia for himself, he decided to give it back to Augusta National.
Moments after he got the ball, Mitchell was asked if he would consider giving it to the club?

"I'd certainly listen," said Mitchell, who added that he wasn't concerned about the value of the ball.

And if Oosthuizen wanted a mulligan on the tossed ball and asked for it back?

"If he wants it back, have it back," he said. "Absolutely."
I wonder what Wayne was able to negotiate for the ball? Lifetime tickets to the Masters? A free round of golf at Augusta National?

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guzzlingil says:
If the Club would have asked for it back....

Here is what it would have cost them...

4 passes to the tournament for life.

One round a year (foursome) for life.
jalsing says:
..or as they called it, a "double eagle"
homermania says:
Was this shot captured on video anywhere?
guzzlingil says:
here is a link...

BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Yeah, 4 passes for life and a round per year. Sounds fair to me!
bkuehn1952 says:
The ball would have been a lot more valuable if Oosthuizen had been able to seal the deal. Other than Gene Sarazen's "shot heard round the world", who really remembers who got the other 2 albatross's? I think I might ask them what they thought was an adequate gesture for my donation with my minimum being a round at ANGC with two friends accompanies by a member (preferably Arnie).
homermania says:
Thanks guzzlingil. I wasn't able to watch yesterday. I saw the "2" on my phone and thought it was a mistake until I checked the internet later.
bobhooe says:
i would have traded it for one round of golf at ANGC and a cheese sandwich. They probably could have gotten the club he hit it with for cheaper than life time tickets.
Duke of Hazards says:
nice photo
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