Tiger Woods Issues Apology
By mustang6560 on 4/12/12
I want to applaud Tiger Woods for issuing a pseudo-apology for his on-course behavior at the Masters.
One thing I would like to say about the Masters last week is that obviously I got frustrated at times and know some of my actions were wrong, especially at No. 16. The Masters means a lot to me, and I was trying as hard as I could. I'm out there competing. I grind every day, and my expectations are to do my best. It's very disappointing when that doesn't happen.
The former world made more noise last week throwing and kicking his golf clubs than using them to advance the ball from tee to green. His behavior was so unbecoming of a 14-time major champion that even some of his biggest supporters called him out.

It must be frustrating for someone like Tiger, who dominated golf for years on end, to accept the inevitably of life - we all grow old. I know we shouldn't thank people for doing what they're supposed to do (i.e. Tiger acted like a child, so he should apologize), however, I think his apology is a sign of maturity. Tiger's never been the most happy-go-lucky golfer in the world, but people used to excuse away his on-course outbursts because he won. And now that he is a mere mortal and can't find that extra level of play, he's trying to adapt to his new role, so I think we should cut him a little slack.

Maybe if he finds that extra level again, he can go back to behaving as he wishes. But for now, he could use a little more self-awareness.

Also, if you're interested, Tiger committed to play the Wells Fargo Championship and The Players Championship.

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mantajim says:
That's an apology? Augusta has grounds for never letting him play again. Heck, the audience at Augusta can get tossed for 'Get in the HOLE!' why not a player that 'g@d Da%#'s his way across the course. Tiger has been a great player but this character flaw has always gotten in my way of cheering for the guy. A lot of people talk about how great Tiger has been for golf, true, but then golf has been awfully good to Tiger. A little appreciation of that fact would go a long way. Did Bubba cuss and throw club when his dive went in the woods, no, he forgot about that shot and consentrated on his next and pulled it off. Way to go, Bubba!
dartboss04 says:
He shouldn't have done it, but we pick on Tiger as he is most watched player and every move is scrutinized. I like Bubba, but he cussed out another pro at an event. None of these guys are saints.

Azinger went a little crazy here too. I don't mind the first comment about the club throwing. I don't feel as strongly about the offense but to each his own. When he said he was never as lost playing as Tiger looked out there, give me a break. The dude missed the cut in majors more than 20 times in his career. "Lost" Tiger still made it to the weekend.
legitimatebeef says:
Read carefully, there is no apology there. He concedes that its wrong but never says he's sorry to have done it. To issue an apology would be fake. He's been getting angry over golf shots his whole life even when he was playing his best. So have most golfers. It is unbecoming when frustration boils over on the course, sure, you know it, I know it, Nate knows it. the moral posturing that comes out every time this happens is mind-numbing.
Duke of Hazards says:
Tiger got a good kick in the midsection of that 9-iron, but I liked Stenson's angry gouge at the pine needles on day 1's 18th snowman better.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
Eldrick will continue to whine and cry every time he swings and makes $10,000, and all we can do is sit back and watch this guy you've all turned into a role model make an ass of himself. Hope the kids emulate this stellar behavior and turn golf into a sport with class.
jcstoll says:
Like lbeef points out - he never actually apologies. He admits it was wrong, but he stops short of saying anything along the lines of "I'll never do it again" or "I'll make every effort to contain myself" (whatever happened to his vow even-keelness - in his post-debacle speech, didn't he say we won't see the extremes - the angry outburts nor the elated fist-pumping?) And he talkings about his kids rooting for him at Bay Hill. I wonder if they caught his Master's tantrum.
jcstoll says:
One thing I'd like to say about my last posting is that obviously I rushed in hitting "post" and know some of my grammar was wrong. Oobgolf means a lot to me, and I was trying as hard as I could. I'm out there commenting. I grind every day, and my expectations are to do my best. It's very disappointing when that doesn't happen.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
THAT was an apology???
ppinkert says:
I think it hurts to find out you are human. Is it me or has it become free press to act bad? I always liked the idea that Golf has (or had) a maturity about it. I don't get that feeling much anymore. But, I could say that's a reason I play alone most of the time. I'm an average player and have fun in the game and challenge I bring to myself to be better. Not all the extra buzzing I see around the game these days. To me it's just noise and that messes with my game. Yeah as you can imagine I'm no fun... I guess.
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