Bubba Watson Zings Jason Kennedy
By mustang6560 on 4/19/12
Does Bubba Watson in fact have Bieber Fever? Who knows, and who cares, right!?!

It might seem a little strange for a 33-year-old professional athlete to be friends with an 18-year-old pop star. But lets be real for a minute, Bubba is not your typical professional golfer.

He's Bubba from Baghdad. He swings by his own rules, he plays by his own rules and he makes friends by his own rules. And that is exactly why people love him. He is down to earth and he is not intimidated by anyone.

While the majority of the golf media was fixated on the fact Bubba admitted the only person he spoke to following his Masters victory was Justin Bieber, which sparked the "Does Bubba Watson have Bieber Fever?", I noticed the following exchange with Bubba and E! News reporter Jason Kennedy from the red carpet of Tim Tebow's charity golf tournament that made me like Bubba just a little more.
Jason: "Why did you change? I thought this was a very dressy event?

Bubba: I'm a Masters' champ."

Jason: "What is your red carpet pose when you walk down there. This is going to be happening every time you walk out of your house. Do you have a go-to look?

Bubba: No. But I do have the red carpet. It's outside my house just laying there. Just getting ready.

Jason: Making sure you're prepared?

Bubba: Yea, exactly. I think my hair looks good. So we're going for that look.

Jason: Debatable.

Bubba: Like your makeup."

Bubba may not have the IQ of a Harvard graduate or the fashion sense of a Justin Bieber, but he can talk trash with the best of them. The sideline reporter from E! News did his best to keep up with the Masters champion during his recent interview.

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Image via Flickr, pocketwiley

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legitimatebeef says:
Sideline reporter from E! News??? Yikes. That channel is blocked in my household.
SD Charlie says:
Would have loved to see that exchange. I used to have to endure the E! channel while with my ex-gf. That channel is one of the many things wrong with America. I've never seen so much mindless drivel in one place. The fact that it exists is disheartening. But, America is obsessed with celebrity, despite most of them being either a-holes or completely brain-dead.

phew, /rant. Go Bubba!
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