Media Slams Tiger Woods For Skipping Press Conference
By mustang6560 on 5/2/12
I imagine the media room at Quail Hollow felt a little roomier today.


Because Tiger Woods was not there.

The former world number one released a taped Q&A earlier in the week in which he answered fan submitted questions (you can watch the video here) in lieu of the traditional pre-tournament press conference.

Mark Steinberg said the video was an attempt by Tiger to simultaneously embrace social media and connect with his fans. Despite the claim, the media was quick to slam Tiger for skipping the press conference.
The smart athletes understand this relationship. How they are portrayed in the media enhances their value. The better we understand them, the more accurately we can communicate to the fans their essence -- the more we can humanize them. This takes their value beyond the sporting world into the business world. They are a person and not merely a bunch of statistics.

And that's why the move by Tiger Woods to skip a pre-tournament media session at this week's Wells Fargo Championship and replace it with a social media Q&A with fans is not only a mistake on his part, but also a blow to the game that should be opposed by the PGA Tour. This is a time when Woods needs to humanize himself more, not less. This is a time when the tour needs to defend journalism.
Everyone knows - even Tiger Woods - that how a professional athlete (or actor or politician) treats the media will be reflected in the way he or she will be portrayed. If the athlete treats the media well, then he or she will be portrayed in a more favorable light, and if the athlete treats the media poorly, then he or she will be portrayed in a less favorable light. However, to say that it was a "mistake" and a "blow to the game" for Tiger to skip one pre-tournament press conference (ONE!) is just silly.

In my mind, people like Ron Sirak (the author of the article) are upset because they want Tiger to be someone he's not. Tiger is a private personal by nature and I don't see that changing - ever, regardless of how he is portrayed. We don't like Tiger because he is Phil Mickelson and will joke back and forth with the media. People like Tiger because he wins, and when he used to win, he blew people out of the water. Plus, it's not like Tiger is going to open up any more at a press conference versus a taped Q&A.

If Tiger starts skipping press conferences on a regularly basis, then maybe we can revisit this topic. Until then, reporters like Ron will need to work a little harder for a topic to write about.

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Trip says:
That dude has zero personality. Maybe that's why he is "media shy". He is better off not talking to anyone than doing that ever again. It was like watching a millionaire superstar begrudgingly sit down and answer typed-up questions because his rep. thought it would be a good idea... Ohhhh never mind.
jpjeffery says:
"That dude has zero personality". In front of the media, yes. He seems much more interesting when he's not in that mode. I get the impression he's got a good sense of humour.
Trip says:
The beauty of twitter & other social media is that we get to see these celebrities without the whole circus. This was an opportunity for Tiger to be himself. Let us see that sense of humor (if he has it). Lighten up, have some fun with your fans. He demeanor was just as cold and serious as he is in the press room.
jrbizzle says:
The media can suck a lemon if you ask me. How many golf writers do you think made a good wage pre-Tiger fs post-Tiger? The PGA players all state they are pulling for Tiger because they know a guy like Matt Kuchar would never have $11 million in career earnings without the Woods era boom of prize purses. The fact that the media feels they can tell him what to do, after they all padded thier wallets digging up his his dirty laundry is pretty damn hysterical.
Duke of Hazards says:
I'd take the real Tiger ( ) over the plastic, neutered imposter that IMG quickly substituted in his stead. Of course, the real Tiger wouldn't have made a billion dollars over the last 15 years, but I wonder if he asks himself if it was all worth it.
spackler455db says:
Are players required to talk to the media?
Banker85 says:
Thats why everyone hates the media. This guy is a cry baby. It is not like it was at a Major, its quail hollow. And his arguement doens't make sense.
DoubleDingo says:
How many people actually watch the press conferences? I never watch the press conferences, mainly because I don't have cable or dish and watch the rounds strictly on NBC or CBS on Saturday and/or Sunday, so it's no big deal if the pros attend or not. The media needs to get over themselves.
id3st says:
the media can suck it. never knew that media sessions can blow a game out. thought if you ef'd up your chance for a birdie for a lead, or a par to force a playoff and taking a bogey for a loss defines the game... i could be wrong
legitimatebeef says:
Of course the golf press is butt-hurt, they got freezed out and its a reminder of how marginal they really are.
Dusty23 says:
While it's nice that he is trying to connect with fans, it's still a control issue, do you think any tough questions submitted were answered, hell no. Now imagine if no TV networks broadcast any golf and the media didn't send reporters to file stories from these events for the last fifteen years. Would anybody know or care who Tiger Woods is ?. Dealing with the press is one of the prices of fame, don't like it, don't get famous.
ToddRobb says:
It's as if the media that was upset that he didn't do their press conference haven't been paying attention for last 15 years or so. I guess they still haven't figured out that Tiger doesn't care about anything but Tiger. I get it, they have job to do yada yada yada,,, Good for Tiger not wanting to answer the same stupid-assed questions.
Trip says:
But he wound up answering even stupider-assed questions...
sigmapete1 says:
"The better we understand them, the more accurately we can communicate to the fans their essence -- the more we can humanize them." This is complete garbage. The honest answer is more like, "The more players use social media and the internet to communicate to fans, the less important my job is and the less I get paid."
ToddRobb says:
@Trip- But not from the same people.
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