Bubba Watson Withdraws From the Players
By mustang6560 on 5/3/12
The reigning Masters champion has decided to skip the Players in lieu of some #familtytime.
@bubbawatson tweeted, "The Players is one of the best weeks of the year but bonding with my son and wife is what it is all about right now #familytime"
I am sure the folks in Ponte Vedra Beach are not happy that Bubba withdrew from the PGA Tour's signature event (which many regard as the "Fifth Major"). But, considering Bubba just won the Masters (so media obligations are through the roof) and he just adopted a baby (which was a very long process), the man needs a break.

If Bubba has only taught us one thing so far in his young professional career, it's if Bubba wants to do something, Bubba does it (Bubba tired, Bubba rest).


Image via Flickr, pocketwiley

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homermania says:
Good for Bubba. The Players will come again next year.
DoubleDingo says:
Right on Bubba!
Trip says:
The man has his priorities straight. Good for him. We need some more sports celebrities like him.
Matt F says:
Have to agree with the others ^^^ Family is more important than anything.
Banker85 says:
PGA Tour tries to Hype the Players as the 5th major but its not, just a good field at a nice course with an iconic hole.
bkuehn1952 says:
So why did he play in the New Orleans tournament?
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