Time To Plan For 2013 Masters
By mustang6560 on 5/4/12
The 2013 Masters tickets application process is now available on masters.com. You can apply for both practice round and tournament round tickets (I applied both).

Here is the important information you need to know:

Practice Rounds Tickets (maximum 4 per day)

Monday - $50

Tuesday - $50

Wednesday - $50

Application deadline is July 30, 2012

Daily Tournament Tickets (maximum 2 per day)

Thursday - $75

Friday - $75

Saturday - $75

Sunday - $75

Application deadline is June 30, 2012

The competitive, selfish side of me did not want to share this news with you because the more people who apply for Masters tickets reduces my already slim chances of scoring tickets. But, the golf enthusiast side of me prevailed.


Image via Flickr, Steve Snodgrass

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