Golf's Big 3 Delight Champions Tour Fans
By mustang6560 on 5/7/12
I was not alive during Arnold Palmer's or Gary Player's heyday and I was only 11-months-old when Jack Nicklaus won his 18th major title at the 1986 Masters, so I never had the opportunity to witness the magic of the "Big 3" live.

I've heard stories and read articles about "The King", "The Golden Bear", and "The Black Knight", but a second-hand account of history is always second-rate to being able to experience history yourself. So watching the "Big 3" stroll through the fairways of the Woodlands Country Club near Houston, Texas Saturday afternoon was special (to say the least).

The "Big 3" were invited to play in an 18-hole exhibition round, which was in conjunction with the Insperity Championship. The field for the scramble also included Lee Trevino, Miller Barber, Don January, David Graham, Gene Littler, and Dave Stockton, but it was clear from the start that the stars of the event were the "Big 3". Between the three of them, they have 375 professional victories including 34 major titles. So it should come as no surprise that they won the exhibition with an 11-under par total. Not too shabby for a few old guys!

The sentiment out of the Woodlands was the same - it may be the last time we ever see the "Big 3" play golf together. That's why an estimated 40,000 spectators lined the fairways to watch the legends of golf stripe the golf ball up and down the fairway. I was thoroughly impressed with how well Arnie, Gary, and Jack played, especially since they have a combined age of 230. I know they were the best of the best during their prime, but Father Time is a @#$%, so the fact they made decent contact with the golf ball is amazing.

Even though I am from a different generation and my "Big 3" will be/are different, I was glad I got to witness history on Saturday. One day I'll be able to look back and provide a second-hand account of the time Jack, Arnie, and Gary teed it up for (one of) their last rounds of golf.

As a side note, Fred Funk won the Insperity Champions with a final score of 14-under par over Tom Lehman.

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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joe jones says:
In their day, Palmer was the longest straight driver of the golf ball on tour, Nicklaus was the premier long hitter and the best long and mid iron player of all time and Player was the most tenacious and combative competitor as any player that ever played. The fact that they became great friends and remained that way is a statement to their human nature. What you saw was an aging threesome that still have a great deal of pride. Loved every minute of the show.
mmontisano says:
what do you made contact? Palmer is still at scratch last I heard.
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