Brandel Chamblee: "Tiger Needs To Fire Sean"
By mustang6560 on 5/9/12
In general, I enjoy Brandel Chamblee's perspective on golf. It's usually insightful and stat driven. But, every so often, it seems as though he goes off the deep end.
“He [Tiger Woods] needs to fire Sean [Foley], call Butch [Harmon],” Chamblee said in a teleconference Tuesday. “I think that would get it done right there.”

“I know he’ll never [fire Foley], because he’s letting his ego get in the way of common sense,” said Chamblee, who added that Harmon could help Woods find his rhythm again and swing on a flatter plane. “He wants to prove to people he’s right. He would rather prove to people he’s right than be right.

“He’s literally lost the art of the game, and I think Butch could help him.”
Tiger was asked about Brandel's comments during his pre-Players Championship press conference yesterday and he responded saying:
“Everyone has an opinion, and he’s entitled to his,” Woods quipped. “But he’s no longer playing anymore, so, so be it.”
The expression, "Opinions are like @$$ holes. We all have them and they all stink." comes to mind. I'm not sure what Brandel is trying to accomplish by stating his opinion so aggressively. Is he truly trying to help Tiger find his swing again, or is he just trying to take a few cheap shots at the former world number one? If Tiger wants to change his swing, then let Tiger change his swing.

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AbsoluteZero says:
I disagree. I think Sean needs to fire Tiger.
SteadyHoo says:
People act like Tiger turned into David Duval or Ian Baker Finch and can't play at all. He won three tournaments ago, right? There's nothing wrong with his swing coach, it's all in his head. Firing Foley would set him back another year, moving back to Harmon's swing. Ridiculous idea.
legitimatebeef says:
Too much talking.
joe jones says:
There has been an anti Tiger feeling creeping in to Brandel's opinions lately. I'm sure much of it is caused by frustration that Tiger may never be the golfer he once was. All I can say is most fans have the same frustrations and wish that he was back but we should just enjoy the game and "what ever will be will be".
Banker85 says:
Chamblee sucks. he is a pompus mf'er. That was not even an option and doesnt he have ties with Harmon... he is a douche
Trip says:
He gets paid to give his opinion. He is just doing his job. It's his opinion. He did win 3 tournaments ago. I think the statement would have more validity if Tiger has a terrible year. I guess we'll see...
accarson3 says:
Chamblee is the poor man's Johnny Miller, but on Tiger's play, here's a quote after missing the cut last week, "If I get over the golf ball and I feel uncomfortable, I hit it great," he said. "It's just that I get out there and I want to get comfortable, and I follow my old stuff and I hit it awful." ....does anyone think he is sounding just like a high handicap duffer (like me) who thinks too much over the ball?
srogers13 says:
Chamblee is to the Golf Channel as Player is to Oobgolf.
mmontisano says:
with Haney his swing plane was too flat, now it's too upright. Butch is the gold standard. as Beef said, there's too much talk. Tiger can win with any swing. just let the guy play and we'll see what happens.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
I need a swing coach. Harmon, Haney, or Foley would do just fine for me. I wonder what my chances are to land a spot on the Haney Project? Slim to none is my guess.
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