Bandon Preserve May Inspire More Par-3 Golf Courses
By mustang6560 on 5/9/12
Bandon Preserve, the new par-3 course at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, is officially open for golf. Designed by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, Bandon Preserve is a 13 hole executive-style golf course, which is carved out of the same beautiful Pacific Northwest terrain as its big brothers Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes, Bandon Trails, and Old Macdonald.

The initial positive reviews of Bandon Preserve have some people thinking that we'll see the construction of more par-3 golf courses in the near future.
There is reason to think par-3 courses will gain popularity. First, there is the economics: short courses do not require as much land, and the holes are cheaper to build and maintain. Other trends also favor short courses.

“People have less time for golf, and you can get around a par-3 in just an hour and a half,” said Mike Keiser, the owner of Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, which features four regulation courses. “And baby-boomer golfers are getting older. Many of our clients used to play 36 holes a day for several days. Bandon is a walking-only facility, and some of these players simply can’t walk 36 anymore.
I am a fan of par-3 golf courses because they're cheaper, easier, and you can play nine or 18 holes quicker than a normal round of golf. My home course in college (LSU Golf Course) has a very basic 9-hole par-3 course and I used to play it on days I had an itch to play golf but didn't have time for a full round.

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mjaber says:
The only executive par3 I have played is in Middleton, MA. The 2 points that are made regarding price, and pace of play are incorrect, at least in the case of this particular course. They charge as much as the par 70/72 courses (without a cart), and the pace of play is about the same.

I don't play it much anymore, specifically because of the price. They are always packed, so I understand the pace issue. I can pay an extra 5-10 and play a few different courses that are closer to me, and will take about the same amount of time to play.
legitimatebeef says:
I am all for it. Par 3 courses are where its at, the true mini-golf. Putt-putt ain't miniature golf, and you know what else it's rather boring, no matter how many windmills and clown mouths and loop-de-loops. Pitch and putt style golf is fun for all, it's real golf only scaled down. Great for hardcore golfers to hone those short shots, great for newbies to get a feel for the real thing. My girlfriend is not a golfer but a few times a year we'll play some pitch and putt and you know what, she loves it, she gets herself all mad and worked up, just like a real golfer.
accarson3 says:
There is a decent par 3 not far from my's no Bandon Preserve, but it is a great place to hone your short game after work...and twilite rates only $10!
joe jones says:
When we lived in Vegas we had an executive course called Eagle Crest that was a Billy Casper- Greg Nash design. In nine years that I lived there not one of my single digit visitors was able to beat the score card playing match play against par. Executive courses are great to practice your iron and short game.A wonderful replacement when you don,t have time for a regulation course.
mmontisano says:
my par 3 GIR stat went up after I started playing an executive course, so yeah, I'm all for it!
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