It's good to be Brian Harman
By mustang6560 on 5/10/12
Brian Harman received a spot in the field at the Players Championship earlier today in a rather unusual way.

D.A. Points, who nearly won his second PGA Tour title last week at the Wells Fargo Championship, withdrew literally seconds before it was his turn to hit his tee shot on the first hole, which opened up a spot for the first alternate - Brian. But, because D.A. withdrew on such short notice, tournament officials did not have time to find Brian and get him in the group with Carl Petterson and Robert Garrigus, so they elected to give him a tee time later in the day.
“In my 31 years on the golf tour, I can never remember a player withdrawing right before he’s supposed to play,” PGA TOUR Vice President of Rules and Competition Mark Russell said. “It happened very quickly. We didn’t have time to react. Once we were able to sit down and get our heads around this, figure out exactly what the situation is, we decided that Brian Harman had done everything that we had asked him to do.”

“Brian did nothing wrong,” Russell said. “Usually the alternates check in with us, which Brian did. He contacted us this morning, said I’m here, you guys got my phone number, I’m going to be here. It was just such a quick sequence of events, we didn’t have time to act on it.”

“I don’t want to throw D.A. under the bus; It might have been a situation where he thought, well, this has happened before, I played a couple of holes and it felt better,” Russell said. “I know he wants to play in THE PLAYERS Championship, but he got up there, and they announced the first player and he played and they announced D.A. and he says, ‘I can’t play.’ And then the starter went ahead and announced the third player.”
It is a little strange that it took walking up to the tee box for D.A. to know that he wasn't going to be able to compete. But it's nice he decided to give his spot to someone else instead of playing nine holes in six-over par and then withdrawing.

Brian is currently one-over thru 17 holes, which puts him in a tough position for tomorrow. He'll need to make up a few strokes he if wants to play the weekend.

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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meatball413 says:
Good for Harman. I hope he takes advantage of a huge opportunity.
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