"It was going to be part of his collection"
By mustang6560 on 5/11/12
Remember the fan patron who was arrested during the final round of the Masters for attempting to steal sand from one of the bunkers at Augusta National?

Well, apparently, he has a habit of "taking" dirt from sporting venues, so his attempt to score some sweet Augusta sand was just another day in the world of an eager sports fan.
Claridge explained that his client tries to collect dirt from ballparks and other sports venues he attends as sort of a hobby.

“It was going to be part of his collection,” said Claridge, adding that he hoped the court could dismiss the charges.
I am convinced the reason he was arrested in the first place was because he tried to run from the police. Had he just dropped the sand the moment he was caught, the security guards would have just escorted him out.

The good news is the judge dropped the charges. The bad news is he lost his Masters badges, which is something he'll most likely never get back.

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Image via Flickr, Steve Snodgrass

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Banker85 says:
that's a dick move on Augusta if they dont drop the charges. Cool hooby. Let the guy have his friggin sand.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I'm pretty sure Augusta doesn't care about dick moves. With no women around, any dick movement would seem odd anyway.
Duke of Hazards says:
+1 SpaceMan
Trip says:
chief_broom says:
The guy is an idiot. He could easily have snagged some sand from a bunker on the course before or after all of the players had gone through. He decides to do it in front of everybody, so yeah he got booted. The real bad news is that I bet the badges weren't his but belonged to someone else and he was either borrowing them or had bought them. So if that's the case whomever's name the tickets were in is the person who now has lost those precious badges.
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