How to prank a golf course
By mustang6560 on 5/11/12
Rory McIlroy is one of the most popular golfers on the planet right now, so it should not surprise you that the folks at Ballybunion in Ireland were preparing the red carpets when they heard the world's top golfer (along with Mark O'Meara) was going to make an appearance.
Well used to VIP visitors, Ballybunion saw nothing amiss and swept into action with their preparations. Extra catering arrangements were made, caddies took precise measurements to ensure their yardages were spot on, and the Old Course was in pristine condition for Rory and his entourage.

Except they never showed -- much to the disappointment of up to 100 young fans, club members and local media who had gathered from 7.30am. Most waited patiently until 11.30 when it became clear that McIlroy was a non-runner.
I remember my prank calling days as a youth. "Is your refrigerator running?" Well, you better go run and catch it!

I am surprised some mischievous person was able to pull off such a prank. One would think the folks at Ballybunion would have Rory's management group on speed dial (since its headquartered in Dublin) so they could verify the rumor before promising little Irish boys and girls the opportunity to meet Rors.

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Golf And Power says:
I don't know why they'd believe such a thing unless verified with Rory's Manager or whomever arranges such things. I guess Ballybunion is "used to VIP visitors" but not having to verify over phone. It is funny I guess. Just shows you how we live in the age of the celebrity golfer. Tiger Woods paved the way for that.

- Golf And Power
jpjeffery says:
Well, it's only KIND OF funny. Here we are suffering a double-dip recession, less people are playing less golf...and I bet the tidying up the course and the extra catering arrangements cost the club money, money NOT well spent, as it turns out.
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