Matt Kuchar Wins The Players Championship
By mustang6560 on 5/14/12
Matt Kuchar outlasted Martin Laird, Ricke Fowler, Zach Johnson, and Ben Curtis to capture his fourth PGA Tour victory Sunday at the Players Championship.

The last time Matt addressed the media following a win was 21 months ago at the Barclays. A reporter remind the Georgia native of that fact during his press conference, to which Matt quipped:
Yeah, you can suck it, big guy. (Laughter.) You had to point that out. Yeah, thanks a lot.
I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard his response. Matt continued saying:
I'm really happy with the way my golf career has gone. I've played some great golf, some consistent golf. I never wanted to be the guy that won once a year and missed 10 cuts a year. I just didn't think‑‑ there are a lot of people that play good golf for a week and then miss a couple cuts. I wanted to be the guy‑‑ and back when I was thinking about this, Tiger Woods was either winning or finishing second or third every week, and I wanted to figure out how do I get to be like that, how do I play good golf? Lately‑‑ Steve Stricker was that guy. It seemed like Steve Stricker was a guy that I could be more like than I could be like Tiger Woods. I can't hit the shots Tiger Woods can. Steve and I play a similar game, just a consistent game, and that was a guy that I said, I'd like to play like him. I'd like to show up, be playing good, have a chance to win tournaments, and it's gone that way. Thanks a lot to Chris O'Connell, he's definitely made me a better player and a more consistent player.
To be honest, I am neutral to Matt as a fan. I neither root for him or root against him. But, there is one aspect of his game I admire - his laid back demeanor. If you want to be a successful golfer, you need to learn to roll with the punches because the game is full of bad swings and bad breaks. And nobody rolls with the punches better than Kooch.

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dartboss04 says:
I was pulling for Rickie as the back to back would have been sweet. I don't mind Kuchar so much, but it would be nice to backhand him once while he's grinning.
legitimatebeef says:
I caught one of those Tim Rosaforte pieces on Matt K and it gave me a different perspective on the guy. Beneath the pasted-on grin he really is a fierce competitor. I suppose you don't win a US Am by being a pushover. He also had to battle his way out of mediocrity at the start of his pro career. I won't say I'm a fan now but after yesterday's win I do see him as a player capable of some big wins. Those Rosaforte pieces BTW are some of the best tv golf reporting out there.
Duke of Hazards says:
I like Rosaforte as well. I also find Kuchar's mannerisms a bit forced. He's certainly as solid a player as anyone on the tour and held up well under pressure yesterday. I'm not too sure I could ever be a big fan of his though.
clevelandstever says:
I was pushing for Rickie, not because I am necessarily a big Rickie fan, but I think Rickie can be good for golf. I help out with our HS golf team, and half the kids dress like Rickie. If young kids get into the sport, the sport will continue to grow and thrive, if kids don't play, it will slowly die out. Guys like Rickie, Tiger, or Rory help kids get excited about golf.
GBogey says:
I was pulling for Kuchar as he seems like one of the good guys. He's one of my wife's favorites due to the constant smiling after every shot. She tried to get me to do it - it does work to a point if your game is mildly off, but it stops working when you are having one of those really bad days.
jkyleolson says:
GO Jackets!
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