Occupy the PGA to protest Senior PGA Championship
By mustang6560 on 5/21/12
The Senior PGA Championship, the first major of the Champions Tour season, will get a little more attention than usual this week.

A group of protesters in Benton Harbor, Michigan decided to piggyback on the faddish "Occupy" movement to create Occupy the PGA and the group plans to protest all four rounds of the event. Occupy the PGA wants the PGA of America, the organization in charge of the tournament, to cancel the Senior PGA Championship. However, in the likely event that the tournament will not be canceled, the organization issued the following demands:
-- "Transfer 25% of the 2012 Senior PGA profits to the citizens of Benton Harbor as partial rightful compensation for stolen land and water and for the purpose of meeting budget deficits and building affordable housing for the people of Benton Harbor.

-- "We call on each of [the players competing in the tournament] to hear the grievances of the people of Benton Harbor and either withdraw from the tournament or show their support for the demonstration planned for May 23-27, Occupy the PGA.

-- "Acknowledge in an announcement at the Senior PGA event that the people of Benton Harbor have been exploited in numerous ways...including the theft of public park land for private profit and the complete undermining of democratic structures by the installation of an Emergency Financial Manager [in Benton Harbor]."
Is anyone in the upper Midwest planning to attend the Senior PGA Championship? If so, please send us pictures to post of the protest.

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CeeBee says:
Do we still need troops in afghanistan? Sign em up. Occupy Kabul.
srogers13 says:
I guess Benton Harbor, and the businesses there, are getting no money from all of the people that will be attending the event.
phraynck says:
If anyone in Benton Harbor could run their government they wouldn't need a EFM. For those who don't know, the state has had to take over several cities(Pontiac, Flint, Benton Harbor) because they couldn't do it themselves. Detroit is on the docket next. The people protesting will probably be the same ones who ran the city into the ground and are now whining because they can't steal money from it anymore.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I'm going to attend the tournament. phraynck is right though, that city has been run down for a long time, I would think they should be happy to have something to bring people there, rather than complain. I guess people with no jobs have nothing better to do, like get a job.
THeet24 says:
I agree with 'phraynck' and 'SpaceMaNy0'. The city needs to embrace this tournament, especially because it is coming back in a couple of years. The local business, i.e. bars, hotels, restaurants...will all benefit from this. The people of the city should be banding together to clean it up so they showcase the city rather than asking for a handout.
Torleif Sorenson says:
...and I would love to see Jim Thorpe walk up to one of those OWSers and stuff one of his trademark cigars right up the idiot's nostril. :)
Matt McGee says:
People disagree about government? Huh.
Other people make judgements based on vague information in a four-paragraph article? My surprise knows no bounds.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Yeah, run all the participants, spectators, and employees out of town and say bye-bye to the revenue that would have come streaming in. Wouldn't want them eating in your restaurants, shopping in your stores, and staying in your hotels. GET A JOB AND VOTE THE IDIOTS WHO RAN YOUR TOWN INTO THE GROUND OUT OF OFFICE!!! No such thing as a free lunch which, by the way, is what they believe. OWS is the entitlement culture and what will inevitablely turn this country into the EU.
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