Plane debris lands on golf course
By mustang6560 on 5/24/12
Thanks to oober GolfSmith7.

If you hit an errant shot on the golf course, it's common courtesy to yell "FORE!" to alert the groups around you to watch out for an incoming golf ball. But, what do you yell if you see a door from a plane falling from the sky? "PLANE!"?

In a freak accident, the door of a plane fell from the sky and landed on the golf course at The Diplomat Golf Resort & Spa in Hallandale, Florida. Luckily, the course was empty when the debris fell so nobody was hurt. The course is opened 363 days of the year and the one day sky debris falls is one of the two days the course was closed for maintenance.

What a fortunate coincidence!

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Image via Flickr, slashvee

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cvargo says:
So how do you repair a divot made from a plane's door? Fill it with sand and you just created a new trap
KeithH says:
How many people do you think walked up to that door that was laying on the ground and then looked up in the air like maybe there is more of the plane left up there?
snuffyword says:
"Da plen! Da plen!" - Tattoo from Fantasy Island. Yes, I'm old.
GolfSmith7 says:
@Snuff, I laughed at your comment then I realized if I get it is because I am old too, smh! lol
accarson3 says:
Remind me not to book that airline/charter.
Banker85 says:
wow not much going in the news, that was a long 2 minutes
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