Golf is a ladies game
By mustang6560 on 5/24/12
The best golfer in the field of the Nassau boys high school championship was a girl.

Annie Park was one of two females competing in the tournament and the high school junior defeat 133 boys en route to become the first female golfer to win the boys championship. And she set a new scoring record in the process.
"It feels good, I guess," Park said when asked about her victory over the boys. "I was just thinking about my own game."

Lowe, an accomplished golfer who is gunning for a spot in the men's U.S. Open, was thinking about her game, too.

"She's gotta be one of the best female golfers in the world," said Lowe, 16, of Farmingdale. "It's like being hit by a freight train."
Her win in the Nassau boys high school championship was no fluke either. Annie is one of the best female high school golfers in the country. GolfWeek ranked her inside the top 25 female golfers in the country at #19.

I know it's impressive that Annie defeated a field of male golfers, however, I am much more impressed by the fact she shot an 8-under-par 134 at Bethpage State Park (blue and red courses), which destroyed the scoring record by six strokes!

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Image via Flickr, EvelynGiggles

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joe jones says:
Wow. What a fantastic feat. If the same thing had been done by a boy everone would be talking it up. For Annie to do it. Just plain great.
Matt F says:
Have to agree with you Joe. They'd be saying the boy was the next Woods!
Banker85 says:
ya but from the ladies tees??? *
Trip says:
That Lowe kid from Farmingdale finished 2nd, and won the previous two years. That means he won as a 14 and 15 year old... Maybe he is the next... Oh, never mind.
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