Members band together to save a golf course from closing
By mustang6560 on 5/30/12
Here is a really cool story out of South Carolina filed by the New York Times.
With dozens of golf courses closing nationwide because of failed real estate developments, the Timberlake club is an example of a new model in the industry. Rather than watch home values plummet as a lush golf course is abandoned, nearby residents are banding together to buy the course — even if it means running it themselves.

In the wealthiest communities, this process often means that 10 or 20 of the most affluent member-residents write checks to save the course. In the case of another South Carolina golf community 35 miles from Timberlake, the WildeWood and Woodcreek clubs in Columbia, 574 members contributed an average of $4,700 to execute the purchase. Then scores of those members took on administrative duties that became like part-time jobs.

And in the case of Timberlake Country Club and others like it in states flush with retirement golf communities — North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Arizona and Nevada — the members have donned work gloves and wielded hedge clippers and weed whackers to help keep the courses green and the clubs’ revenue ledgers in the black.
According to the story, not every member takeover is a success story, but it seems like the members acted in time to save Timberlake. It's really cool to see people come together to save their course - even if it means investing sweat equity. I'm sure in the long run it will make them feel more connected to the course so they can truly say it's their home course.

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SpaceMaNy0 says:
'ban' together. Proofread, man.
mustang6560 says:
Thanks, man.
Duke of Hazards says:
Justin TIMBERLAKE saved a golf course formerly called Big CREEK and WOODstock Hills before that.

Now a course called TIMBERLAKE is being saved by members of WOODCREEK and WildeWOOD.

I know there's some sort of DaVinci code-y conspiracy somewhere in here.
Banker85 says:
so was it a donation of the money? I doubt they all contributed equally so who owns more? Seems like a legal fued in the making if you ask me, especially when someone cuts there arm off sawing down a 50ft tree. No good deed goes un-punished.
joe jones says:
This goes along with the thoughts I wrote about in my Business Side Of Golf article I wrote. Country clubs have been hit very hard because of the poor economy. Not that I feel too sorry for members that can afford to belong to a Private Club but everything is relative. No money means no money to everyone.
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