Tiger Woods Wins the Memorial Tournament
By mustang6560 on 6/4/12
Tiger Woods found himself in a precarious situation Sunday at the Memorial Tournament. And in typical Tiger fashion, the former world number one rose to the occasion to hit a truly incredible shot.

Tiger hit his approach shot on the par-3 16th long and it settled in the long rough. At this point in the tournament, he was trailing by one stroke so he needed to get up and down to keep pace with the leader. Facing a tough lie, a downhill slope to the pin, and water behind the hole, Tiger hit a flop shot for the ages - one that would even make the likes of Phil Mickelson jealous.

Prior to the shot, Peter Kostis said if Tiger could get his chip shot inside six feet that it would be a "wonderful shot". What kind of shot would it be if he chipped it in? Remarkable? Unbelievable? Stupendous? Well, that is exactly what Tiger did. He chipped in for birdie to match Rory Sabbatini at 8-under-par for a share of the lead.

While the adjective may differ from person to person, the underlining meaning will be the same. It was an amazing shot, at the most opportune of time, and it was the catalyst that propelled him to his 73rd victory, matching host Jack Nicklaus for the second most wins in PGA Tour history. Now he can start working toward Jack's other record.

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bducharm says:
I remember hearing Bob Rosburg always say "he has no chance". This time, that was true and Tiger pulled off the shot of the year!!! I believe it was better than the Masters shot. When Nicklaus says is was one of the gutsiest shots he's ever seen, you know it was good!!! Welcome back Tiger!!!
Scott Shields says:
Welcome back Tiger, golf needs you. :)
bkuehn1952 says:
That shot underlines why many of us tune in to watch Tiger. For years he always found a spectacular way to get the job done. That has been missing for almost 3 years.
ppinkert says:
Sweet shot! Way to go Tiger..
legitimatebeef says:
73 Tour wins is mind-boggaling. And these days people gush over a Luke Donald, McIlroy or Rickie Fowler when they cobble together a couple of them. It is still Tiger's world.
madmx99 says:
Great shot!!!! He looked a little lost without Stevie to jump up and down and do high fives. Love the new caddie!!!
dottomm says:
The most aggressive golf shot I've ever witnessed! There is no doubt he the greatest golfer of our generation and I don't really like the guy. I'm more happy I didn't have to watch Rory in his dumb hat pick-up the win.
jcstoll says:
I'm surprised nobody has said it yet here, so I'll stoop to it: Tiger Woods is the next Tiger Woods!
joe jones says:
Simply put. Wonderful!
The Full Monty says:
I've been watching Tiger before he won his 1st major and it's great to see some of his old form again. I am not as impressed with the shot on 16 as I am with his ability to hold it together for a full 4 rounds and then close out #18 with authority. That's what's been missing for so many years now and the reason he's been able to hit 73 wins and 14 majors.

If he manage to keep this calm and collected swing in place, he will move to the top spot very quickly. Funny thing is, his putting isn't even back YET.
homermania says:
Yes! Now let's see which Tiger shows up for the Open.
mmontisano says:
dude hit a 140 yard sand wedge in Sunday. it was downwind, BUT STILL!
C-4 says:
No Tiger haters...I cant believe it...2 wins in a season..I guess you would have to say Tiger is an average golfer...even if you have amnesia and forget the other 71 wins in his career...Tiger is the next Tiger..and Ricky is the next Tiger once Tiger is done
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