"We're committed to making it work"
By mustang6560 on 6/7/12
Despite Phil Mickelson's silent protest, PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem said the new cell phone policy is here to stay.
“We’re committed to making it work,” Finchem said in an interview while playing in a pro-am round at the Champions Tour’s Tradition event in Birmingham, Alabama. “If we get to a point where we don’t have an acceptable competitive environment, we’ll do whatever we need to do, but I don’t see that happening.”
I, like the majority of you, don't think fans should be allowed to bring their cell phones to a golf tournament. However, the PGA Tour opened Pandora's box with its new policy and there is no turning back. The only thing the PGA Tour can do now is better enforce its policy, which I hope it does.

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bducharm says:
This is bowing to the corporate sponsors who put up millions of dollars. This is so the executives can stay in touch with the office while they are schmoozing at the golf course!!! The players will have to put up with this!!!
sepfeiff says:
I marshalled for parts of Mickelson's 3rd and 4th rounds at the Byron Nelson and I saw that the majority of the offenders did not appear to be business men or golfers. I suggest that it is the weekender and the non-golfers who are guiltless in triggering the phone cameras at the wrong times... most don't appear to know they are causing the players to lose focus. For the record I do think that bringing the phones to the course is a good idea.. but people need to learn to use them without disrupting play. Even with a dozen extra staff dedicated to marshalling Mickelson.. the cameras and phones were still clicking off everywhere.

I think 1 warning and then getting escorted off of the grounds is appropriate.
joe jones says:
Finchem...Enforce your own rule. No picture takung and phone calls in designated areas only!!!!
dottomm says:
For what it is worth. When I received my tickets to the upcoming us open, it was explicitly stated 'No Cell Phones'.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
Same with my tickets to the John Deere Classic. At the Senior PGA they had 'Phone Zone' areas around the course for people to call or text or whatever.
legitimatebeef says:
"We're committed to making it work" Dang what a tool that guy is. I mean I understand that his is an executive position but they ought to get someone in there who is not a total stuffed shirt. I'm pretty sure that golf loses fans each time this dud opens his mouth in public.
Banker85 says:
BEEF never has anything nice to say and i love it! I think they are forced to give in to the fact that people dont go anywhere nowadays without their mobile device so they can tweet, facebook, text, take pics and videos of everything they do and share it with everyone they know like it matters. Sometimes I miss the old days where if i wasn't home you couldnt get ahold of me. Fact is if they are going to have rules then they need to enforce them to a T.
Matt F says:
"I, like the majority of you, don't think fans should be allowed to bring their cell phones to a golf tournament."

Nate, look at your poll on the front page...the majority think you should be allowed to bring your phone.

I don't have a problem with it, but if people can't put them on silent and turn the camera sound off, the tour should ban them again...simple.
bcrosby007 says:
If the people who attend these events dont put their phone on silent (not vibrate), they deserve to have them taken from them and kept until that person leaves the event.
Those of us who actually know how to turn off the sound and camera shutter, should not be penalized. Smart Phones are now the primary camera for most people.
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