It's U.S. Open Week!
By mustang6560 on 6/11/12
It's U.S. Open Week! Who is excited besides me?

The 112th playing of the U.S. Open returns to the Lake Course at The Olympic Club for the fifth time.

What is your favorite thing about the U.S. Open?

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Image via USGA

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bducharm says:
My favorite thing about the US Open is the difficulty of the golf course. Make par a good thing!!!
Dusty23 says:
bducharm - Couldn't agree more. I also like that they are usually played on classic style golf courses that are beautiful to look at.
Matt McGee says:
I like the idea, slim as the chance may be, that some unknown club pro could win, or could change his life completely with a half-dozen (including qualifying) rounds of golf.
birdieXris says:
I'm with Bducharm. The toughness of the course is the great equalizer. Some people say "the better players are going to play better obviously no matter how tough the course is". Not true. US Open tough isn't like the rest of the year. Not when they get it right that is. I'm looking for a winning score of -1 this year. Ontop of that, ther'es a few great stories with the guys who barely made it!
Scott Shields says:
This year in particular I'm looking forward to prime time golf!
legitimatebeef says:
I like the part where they play golf!!1
BentPutter says:
Love all the underdog stories.
Banker85 says:
hopefully watching some pros struggle!!!
bkuehn1952 says:
The tension over every shot, slowly ratcheting up as the tournament moves forward.
Kurt the Knife says:
The inflatable bouncy house they put out front.
Kurt the Knife says:
oh, oh, oh... and the crappy 10 dollar hot dogs.
jrbizzle says:
The difficulty of the course is a huge draw, but for me, my favorite part is that the major is played on Father's Day weekend. I learned golf under the tutelage of my father and always enjoyed watching the U.S. Open with him. In turn, someday I hope my son feels the same way about this game which can teach so many life lessons about fair play, sportsmanship and "playing as it lies".
joe jones says:
What separates U.S Open courses from every other venue is the lack of breather holes. Pro's usually know that there are a few holes were they can make a birdie or two to keep them at or below par. Doesn't happen at the open . Winning score @ or 1 or 2 over par.
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