It's good to be a Chinese golf fan
By mustang6560 on 6/13/12
As Brittany Hite of the Wall Street Journal noted, China is having a good week.

First, 22-year-old Shanshan Feng won the Wegmans LPGA Championship to become the first Chinese player to win an LPGA Tour title and major championship. Then, 14-year-old Andy Zhang became the youngest player in the history to qualify for the U.S. Open.
The triumphs of Feng and Zhang are a boon to China’s global sporting ambitions, though they’re the sort of development that probably sets Mao Zedong’s waxen body to spinning in its glass case on Tiananmen Square. Despite some claims that the sport was invented in China, golf was banned under Mao as a bourgeois indulgence. Even now, with the Communist Party having embraced entrepreneurs and luxury brands rushing to cater to the country’s nouveau riche, the sport remains a somewhat controversial hobby due to concerns over the growing tracts of precious arable land being appropriated to build courses.
It's only a matter of time before the Communist Party-forced popular opinion of the game changes, especially since the PGA Tour and European Tour continue to expand their presence in China. Hopefully the recent success of Feng and Zhang further inspires the Chinese government to relax its position golf.

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Image via Flickr, Philip Jagenstedt

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mmontisano says:
the introduction of golf into the Olympics is a huge motivator for China. I bet they'll start pumping a lot of government funds into programs, if they haven't already, to try and compete at an Olympic level. just look at the show they put on in Bejing as an example.
Kurt the Knife says:
Figures. They already have (manufacture)the worlds largest inventory of major brand golf equipment.

eBay golf seller: "Hey, round eye, I sell you cheap Newport putta"
Me: "Duhhhh.... Okay."
mustang6560 says:
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