Webb Simpson Wins U.S. Open
By mustang6560 on 6/17/12
Webb Simpson is the winner of the 112th U.S. Open at The Olympic Club.

Webb closed with a 2-under-par 68 on Sunday to come from behind to win his first career major.

Jim Furyk and Graeme McDowell, the co-leaders through 54 holes, both shot over part in the final round to finish T4 and T2 respectively.

I'll have more thoughts to share tomorrow but I wanted to provide a forum for everyone who share their comments about the 2012 U.S. Open.

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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metnorm says:
Wait Webb Simpson won? How is that when Alan Shipnuck said Tiger won it on fri? I'm confused.
mmontisano says:
you'll notice that they make reference to him, but Alan Shipnuck wasn't involved in these week's PGA Tour Confidential on golf.com. i think they're afraid of reader backlash...
Matt F says:
For mine, Furyk imploded and got unlucky.
bducharm says:
68-68 on the weekend on THAT golf course was tremendous! Way to go Webb!!!
joe jones says:
Winning score one over. I guessed right.
legitimatebeef says:
He seemed to come out of nowhere to win, so I think this will go down as one of the less memorable opens. Sort of like '09 Bethpage is more about Phil and Duval falling short than Lucas Glover winning. Not to discredit Simpson's play but its just that he got no coverage until about the back nine on Sunday and even then all we really saw were his birdie attempts. So alls we really have to remember his victory by is the chip and putt on the 72nd hole.
dottomm says:
@Joe Jones. Yea, Mee too. I also guessed G-Mac back on Thursday. So close to winning the pool!
bkuehn1952 says:
Have to agree with the beef. While his effort was superb, hanging around while everyone else collapses does not create lasting memories.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
Who cares if he 'hung around'? Any way you finish +1 at the US Open is worth a championship. It's not his fault TV only shows every shot of the leaders, and an amateur with a smokin' hot mom.
onedollarwed says:
I was surprised that a good number of golfers in contention on the final day weren't show hardly at all. Of course, I barely ever watch golf, so this is probably normal. I do realize that the telecast is entertainment, and thus the most interesting stories and most animated golfers are going to hold the producer's eye. Funny, recovering from knee surgery I watched almost every minute of the open coverage from Tuesday on. Got real tired of hearing about putts "breaking toward lake Merced," and when they didn't, they "didn't break toward lake Merced." I understand the reason for that logic, but the break is the break, and has nothing to do with the lake. It can break any way that it is designed to slope. What, a golf ball knows where lake Merced is, but not the Pacific Ocean?Also, what the hell in an "ammidder?" Heard the word almost non-stop. I lived in the Bay Area, where retread sells for unique, but c'mon... the burger dog? Who gives a rat's ass? Not real interesting, and didn't look very appetizing.
onedollarwed says:
Every fool who's ever worked with leftovers after the weekend BBQ has made these - because hot dogs, burgers, buns, all come in different quantities. So you take the leftover meat and roll it out to fit in the hot dog bun, or take two hot dogs and put them in a hamburger bun. Big whup. either way you end up with too much bun, or topping that fall out. Personally I wrap a hot dog in a soft corn tortilla - a very good solution, and serve hamburgers over rice with either salsa and beans, or with teriyaki style toppings. My point is.... the golf was incredible, the course was majestic, and the players played their asses off - whether to foul or friendly ends! That should be enough.
onedollarwed says:
Heard repeatedly about the USGA attempting to make golf more fun, more accessible, and more environmentally conscientious. Kudos. In the spirit of skateboarding - a form of travel in my day, but a form of injuries today - it was once shunned in public, and there were zero skateparks. Everywhere you go now, golf is forbidden as well. I tried the game for the first time in England at some park. You paid the equiv. of 50 cents to borrow one club and one ball, and whack it around the field/hill for 1/2 or so. There were flags spread around, but no greens or holes. This kind of low budget operation was very fun, easy (one club), and was no extra environmental burden (regular park/city land). Kind of like the skate park vibe. Could be a good fit for what the USGA wants - with some rezoning to do.
falcon50driver says:
Maui Wowie
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