Mike Davis defends decision to move 16th tee box
By mustang6560 on 6/19/12
Once the fog rolled in for good on the 2012 U.S. Open at The Olympic Club, USGA executive director Mike Davis was forced to defend his decision to move up the tee box 100 yards on the 670 yard par-5 16th hole.
“We think one of the elements of the test for a national championship is the ability to react at the moment to a golf course setup,” Davis said when he joined “Morning Drive” on Tuesday. “While we don’t want inconsistencies with green firmness or green speeds we like the idea of mixing up teeing grounds because it really does make them think.

“In the case of Sunday it certainly made them think at a very important time in the championship. In some players case it made a difference.”
If you read between the lines of "in some players case it made a difference", Mike is referring to Jim Furyk's duck-hook on the 16th tee box, which led to a bogey and an eventual T4 finish. Jim expressed his frustration about the decision saying "I know the USGA gives us a memo saying that they play from multiple tees, but there's no way to prepare for a hundred yards."

I understand Jim's frustration, however, Mike said the 16th would play a significant role in determining the eventual winner in the weeks and months leading up to the U.S. Open and it did. At the end of the day, Jim hit a bad shot and in the U.S. Open, you can't hit a bad shot.

What do you think about the USGA's decision to move up the 16th tee box 100 yards?

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dartboss04 says:
I typically have nothing against Furyk, but give me a break. There's no way to prepare for 100 yards? Hit the fairway off the tee and proceed from there. I know that's easier said than done, but that comment is ridiculous. They have so much information in those yardage books. It's risk reward always. This time you lost.
bkuehn1952 says:
Agree with @dartboss04. The ability to adapt to changing circumstances has a place in golf. Everyone had to deal with the change and some just did a better job of it.
jrbizzle says:
If they lengthened the hole 100 yards, I'd side with Furyk. They moves the tees up 100 yards. Either hit a fairway wood, or live and die with your bad driver shot. Not the USGA's fault.
dottomm says:
Prepared?! What Game is he playing?
legitimatebeef says:
It's over, who cares.
phallstrom says:
Funny, I'd always kind of assumed that they might hit a tee shot from back/front tees during their practice round... they are always moving the par 3's around... seems sometimes it's 50 yards +/-... why wouldn't you do the same on some of the other holes where it might make a difference (ie - the 16th)??
bducharm says:
Furyk didn't hit a snap hook because the tees were up 101 yards - he hit a snap hook because he made a bad swing! Accept it Jim - in the immortal words of Johnny Miller - YOU CHOKED!!!
joe jones says:
That snap hook was just one of Jim Furyk's bad swings and decisions.Why he chose to hit a hybrid for his second shot on 17 is beyond me. I have a feeling that Fluff Cowan wanted him to go for the green and Jim over ruled him on the side of caution. Every other player went for the green under the same circumstances.
mmontisano says:
great players are good at finding ways to displace blame. Nicklaus being a good example. I think it was him who said he never hit a bad putt, there was always something else that made the ball not go in the hole. but these guys are pros, they should be able to adjust to anything.
CeeBee says:
Don't they all have yardage books with every concievable position to anything of danger? Wasn't Fluff on the bag? I'll bet he didn't say "Jim, it's under 600 yards. Damn. What will we do?". Jimmy boy, you now know how Phil felt a few years ago. But it sure is hard to feel bad for these guys with the $$$ they make playing a game I love. That said, the tees should not have been over 600 yds anyway. 670. What a bunch of bulls..t. And they even did a story about "Tee It forward".
SteadyHoo says:
This is such a non-story. 70 highly capable golfers, world's finest are (gasp!) confronted with a tee shot that's 50-100 yards shorter than the shot they've hit for three days in competition and two days in practice and this is a problem!!!???? Stupid complaint, stupid problem. I have no problem with what the USGA did.
Matt McGee says:
I've found my perfect golf form. From now on, whenever something goes wrong, it's going to be because there's no way I should be expected to prepare for (*insert cause here*): longer hole, shorter hole, daylight, squirrels, gravity, etc.. I probably don't even need to practice any more. I'm that good now.
mustang6560 says:
@Matt McGee- Gravity? LMFAO!
Kurt the Knife says:
I'm surprised no one acepts my excuses regarding coriolis effect and plate tectonics.
"I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumbl-in down"
-Carole King
DoubleDingo says:
Have the tee on any hole moved up 100 yards would be a blessing not a curse.
NiftyNiblick says:
The USGA is the only sports sanctioning body of which I'm aware that attempts to make its best athletes look ordinary in the sport's most important showcase event.

Nobody will please everybody, of course, but my grievances with USGA policies would seem to vastly outnumber my areas of satisfaction with them.
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