American Jungle Bird
By mustang6560 on 6/21/12
I know October is a few months away, however, it's never too early to start thinking about your Halloween costume. And I have the perfect idea for you or your friend who will do anything for a beer or for Webb Simpson - American Jungle Bird!

How hilarious would it be if Webb dressed up as an American Jungle Bird for Halloween? I bet the real Jungle Bird would get a kick out of it.

If oobgolf footed the bill, would there be any oober willing to dress up as American Jungle Bird for Halloween? If so, I'm tempted to order a USA Mohawk as a giveaway item.

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Image via Animal Hat Shop

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Backquak says:
uh.... no
bstacy1974 says:
British Open security better be tight during the trophy presentation. Just saying...
drew1473 says:
I will do it to help out Oobgolf.
falcon50driver says:
I think that is disrespectful to the flag.
bootlegtater says:
Would for sure. And no it's not disrespectful. It's patriotism at its best.
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