Marc Leishman wins Travelers Championship
By mustang6560 on 6/25/12
Marc Leishman won his first PGA Tour event Sunday at the Travelers Championship.
Marc Leishman shot an 8-under 62 on Sunday in the Travelers Championship, then went back to the clubhouse to eat, watch some soccer and wait to see where he would finish.

More than two hours later, after Charley Hoffman lost a two-stroke lead on the final two holes, Leishman was hoisting his first championship trophy on the PGA TOUR.

"I think Charley was on the 15th when I turned the golf on," Leishman said. "I watched that, then just went over and hit some balls and putted for a bit and it turned out well."
The Travelers is no stranger to first time winners. Masters champion Bubba Watson ('10), Hunter Mahan ('07) and Fredrik Jacobon ('11) all won their first PGA Tour event at TPC River Highlands. In fact, five out of the last seven winners had their breakout win in Connecticut.

It's nice that the Travelers is developing its own unique storyline as the first-time winners' tournament. No offense to our friends in the Northeast, but if it wasn't for that storyline, it would be even harder garner attention for this post-U.S. Open event.

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dartboss04 says:
It's too bad that they moved this tournament to the week after the US Open. Behind the Waste Management, we have the second largest draw for any non-major. A few years ago we had the two week spot between the US Open and British, which was much better in terms of the field.

I know the course is a relative pushover, but you think attendance would have some impact on placement in the schedule.
lcgolfer64 says:
Have to agree with ya Mustgang, this was pretty hard tough to watch. I only caught about 30 minutes or so it on Saturday and then watched about an hour of it on Sunday.

Okay have to just throw this out there - Is it just me or does it seem that Bubba as of late looks like a pouting 10 year old pretty much after every shot? Maybe I just saw it that way. But for Tiger garnering a lot of the attention about his 'bad attitude' I think Bubba's looks like a little cry baby too much as of late.
I get that there there's the crazy 'will to win' as an athlete and the fact there is a ton of cash on the line, but I don't know just seems he's been pretty pissy on the course as of late.
joe jones says:
Maybe his new baby is keeping him awake nights. He might also be disgusted with changing diapers. He said he hated that. Seriously, he has always been a whiner. He always feels that he didn't get the right roll or that the ball bounced the wrong way.
mmontisano says:
like joe says, Bubba has always been that way. you're just seeing him on tv more now because of his Masters win.
Scott Shields says:
He actually used to be alot worse.
Torleif Sorenson says:
I had a feeling that Leishman would get unleashed at some point. 1000 points and a "good on ya" for the Victoria native.
Matt F says:
He's always been fairly consistent but could never actually pull off a win. Good to see at least one Aussie doing well!
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