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Suzann Pettersen to appear in the "Body Issue"
By mustang6560 on 6/27/12
I've got good news for die hard Suzann Pettersen fans.
Suzann Pettersen will be among the 27 athletes shedding their clothes for the fourth-annual "Body Issue" in ESPN: The Magazine.

The Norwegian, currently fifth in the Rolex World Rankings, is the highest-ranked player of either gender to pose for the magazine in the four years it has published the issue featuring athletes showing off their physiques. The issue will be available July 13.
Suzann joins Christina Kim, Sandra Gal, Belen Mozo, and Anna Grzebien as the fifth LPGA player to pose for the semi-nude publication. She's no Natalie Gulbis, but I imagine Suzann will turn a few heads with her appearance.

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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[ comments ]
guzzlingil says:
all in.........................
bducharm says:
I met her at The Masters and she is ripped!!!
mustang6560 says:
@bducharm- I'm assuming in a good way, right?
bducharm says:
Yes, in a good way. She wasn't very nice though!!!
Kurt the Knife says:
Shouldn't have demanded she go make u a sandwich
bducharm says:
I told the b!TcH - go make me a samwich!!! LOL - she was actually talking to John Solheim, the owner of Ping. I waited patiently until she was done. Funny was nobody else noticed her. She was wearing her Nike gear!!!
bkuehn1952 says:
Are there any Suzann P. fans? She always appears to be angry or mildly pissed off. Also, she is not exactly burning up the LPGA with wins and close calls. Certainly she is talented but I would find it hard to pull for her if she was coming down the stretch against a host of other ladies on tour.
Jim_Smallwood_Jr. says:
So ESPN is going into porn?
legitimatebeef says:
I like her, I like how she always looks like she wants to punch someone in the face. There's plenty of blank faced stoicism in the womens game so I guess its just a nice change to see a girl stomping around the course with steam coming out her ears. Lets you know that she really cares about playing well. I know there is also no shortage of mean bitches out there but something about Suzann's demeanor I can identify with.
sigmapete1 says:
Golfnut Jim. . . not porn (depending on your level of conservatism I suppose). It's touted as a celebration of the athlete's body, kind of the anti-swimsuit in that it's less about T&A and more about athleticism and fitness. You won't see any size 0s with DDs.

I guess it is a little racy if your views demand that every inch of skin showing is one inch closer to going to hell. If not, then it's pretty cool to see what kind of body type or type of athleticism the various sports demand.
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