16-year-old golfer shoots 61 twice in one week
By mustang6560 on 6/29/12
It's mildly depressing to read about teenage golfers like Scottie Scheffler.
Playing with friends on his birthday last Thursday, Scheffler shot 10-under 61 at Northwood, breaking the course record held by Hunter Mahan. This came exactly one week after Northwood celebrated the 60th anniversary of hosting the 1952 U.S. Open.

At least Scheffler paid homage, sort of, to Open champ Julius Boros by taking only eight putts on the back nine. In 1952 Boros had 11 putts on the back nine in the morning round then one-putted seven of the final nine greens in the afternoon.

Two days after scorching Northwood, Scheffler shot 9-under 61 at Dallas Country Club, matching the mark set recently by Kelly Kraft on the remodeled layout.
Where y'at Beau Hossler?

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Image via Flickr, Michael Karshis

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bducharm says:
Uh, WOW!!! Good for him!!! My low is 64 - guess I gotta practice!!!
gpickin says:
I've shot higher on 9 holes than he did on 18 LOL.
mustang6560 says:
@gpickin- LOL!
accarson3 says:
8 putts!!?? As The Wedge Guy is fond of saying, "it's all about the short game?"
falcon50driver says:
He's the guy, when the caddy tells him "the flag is 51 or 52 yards", says "well, which is it?" "51 or 52?"
psvaren says:
What do you mean 'mildly' depressing??
Mandelbaum! says:
Wow, those are some sick scores! I'm smelling a Rhein Gibson/Scottie Scheffler cage match.
Backquak says:
So what, I shot 59 twice... in the same day...

and it was even in the same round.
falcon50driver says:
good one quack
Dusty23 says:
Anybody verify these scores, sounds like Player has moved to Texas. I only wish that I had taken up this game when I was his age, if I knew then what I know now...
legitimatebeef says:
Then he went home and yelled at his mom for buying the wrong kind of Doritos.
Wes11point5 says:
Beef, sometimes you gotta have Cool Ranch.
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