"Flaccid golf clubs for sale"
By mustang6560 on 6/29/12
A golfer from Raleigh, North Carolina recently decided it was time to hang up his sticks once and for all, so he listed his clubs on Craigslist.

Most people who sell things on Craigslist only provide a brief description of the item along with its condition. But, said golfer from Raleigh provided a 1,400 word narrative about the history of his clubs and why he no longer needs them.
These clubs are also stupid. Anything that has heard words shouted with such repetition in its presence would have surely learned to cuss by now. These clubs cannot cuss. They also can not learn to hit the ball straight. They are terrible at remembering the few good strokes they have created and fight constantly to stand out from the herd, to stray, like some weirdo in Jnco jeans in the corner of the cafeteria eating his spaghetti by hand or some damn Hippie lying in a field going nowhere with his life. These clubs will never sustain a job because they cannot learn. There is a reason they are for sale and all sales are final.

. . .

Let the bidding begin and don't be cheap. Everyone is poor these days. You're not special.
Even though I'm pretty confident that no oober is looking for a set of "flaccid" golf clubs, I thought I'd share this listing with you because it's pretty darn funny!

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Image via Craigslist

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Scott Shields says:
jrbizzle says:
"...and the potential in these clubs is set at a non-negotiable 32 over par."

bkuehn1952 says:
Great writer. Not so great estimator of the value of his clubs.
Torleif Sorenson says:
...and not a marketing genius, either.
joe jones says:
I have heard about other instruments being flaccid but never a golf club. Seems to me these must be a little softer flex and beyond a normal senior shaft. Probably have to wait on the head a little to make solid contact.
Duke of Hazards says:
that was tremendous. sign him up for a weekly column, a case of PBR a week as pay.
snkli says:
Too funny!
Kurt the Knife says:
Bazooka? Now thats a tag.
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