oober is tied for the lead at the Greenbrier Classic!
By mustang6560 on 7/6/12
Did you see who is currently tied for the lead at the Greenbrier Classic?

Nope, it's not Vijay Singh. And no, it's not Tiger Woods. It's former oober Charlie Beljan! Charlie followed up his even par 70 in the first round with an 8-under-par 62 in the second round, which puts him in a tie for the lead.

If you need an excuse to give the wife (or husband) to watch the Greenbrier Classic this weekend, here you go: "Honey, baby, sugar pie. I have to watch my fellow oober in his quest to become the first oober to win on the PGA Tour". If that doesn't work, well you can always read about his performance come Monday.

The Greenbrier Classic Leaderboard

Image via PGA Tour

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Banker85 says:
More Awesome then your Hole-in-one!!!
bducharm says:
Good on ya' Charlie!!! Keep it going!!!
hughesj says:
That's inspiring! Since I finally started playing golf this year, the bug has bitten hard. So much so, I would like to in some capacity, fit golf in as my retirement plan following my long military career. May never reach professional level, but maybe at least amateur tournaments.
guzzlingil says:
Just saw him being interviewed....

nice guy...
legitimatebeef says:
He should post about it in the "What did you shoot today?" thread.
Kickntrue says:
why is he "former" oobgolfer?
legitimatebeef says:
Come on Nate. I don't know why you would say "former oober" when CBeljan is an active oober--he has been posting scores all year. His handicap is +5. (We're not worthy!!!)
elindholm says:
I've seen pros post on here, Cink and Fowler among others. Don't they count?
bkuehn1952 says:
I will pull for Charlie but it would be nice if he rubbed elbows with the rest of us oobers and posted a comment now and then. The fact that he hasn't posted a score in a month seems to indicate a "former" Oober is correct.
mmontisano says:
here's a photo of him in action on Golf.com

askarzy says:
Leading the way in driving with 333.3 avg, wow. Also first in gir's.
GBogey says:
Too bad OOB didn't put a sponsor patch on his shirt - think of the Saturday TV coverage potential.
Banker85 says:
Well he has made 4/12 cuts so far this year so he really needs to place well @ the GreenBriar to secure his card for next year.
Wes11point5 says:
Go get 'em dude!
CeeBee says:
I'll be tuned in for sure.
Matt F says:
Congratulations to Charlie for his 3rd place tie!
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