Ted Potter Jr. wins the Greenbrier Classic
By mustang6560 on 7/9/12
The next time you find yourself midway through a disappointing round and you're ready to give up, I want you to ask yourself, What would Ted Potter Jr. do?
After learning the game without the benefit of formal lessons or a country club lifestyle -- Potter's dad was a golf-course maintenance worker and his mom a Walmart employee -- Potter dominated the Hooters Tour, where he won 14 times, was twice Player of the Year, and racked up $650,000 in earnings, an unusually high amount for a mini tour.

In his first season on the Web.com Tour in 2004 (then known as the Nationwide Tour), however, Potter missed every single cut, a not-so-perfect 24-for-24, which meant it was back to the minors.

He'd have to wait three years to get back to that level, and when he did, he didn't fare much better. Potter missed 15 of 20 cuts in 2007.

Those results are enough to lead to a career change. But what was Potter going to do? Golf is in his blood, or at least in his sweat after all those years of toil.
If you made it this far through the post and you aren't sure what Ted Potter Jr. would do, allow me to explain. His motto is, Keep on keeping on.

The 28-year-old rookie is to golf what Rudy is to college football. Despite all of the set backs - he missed every single cut on the Web. com Tour in 2004 (every single cut!) - Ted Potter Jr. did not give up (just like Rudy did to make the Notre Dame football team). Can you imagine what missing cut for an entire season would do to your confidence? But, Ted Potter Jr. did not let that stop him from pursuing his dream of reaching the PGA Tour.

So the next time you're about to mentally check out from your round, remember to ask yourself, What would Ted Potter Jr. do?

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bkuehn1952 says:
What is this world coming to when Phil & Tiger miss the cut and Ted Potter, Jr. wins the tournament?
Banker85 says:
wow missed 24/24 cuts. that just added to the sweet taste of victory.
mtgolfidiot says:
I suspect Ted's head is a bit foggy today; A great story and a testament to perserverance
Kurt the Knife says:
Wouldn't it be cool if Beljan spoke Flemish?
Torleif Sorenson says:
KtK: Ooooohhh, good one... 1000 points.

Nate is absolutely correct about perseverance. Consider how Troy Kelly rolled in that 20-footer on the second playoff hole, which it turns out he needed to stay alive when Potter shockingly missed that shortie to put him away.

You can bet that the Greenbrier tournament committee will keep that Sunday hole location at 18, too. Three times Kelly played that hole yesterday. Twice, Kelly played to the back left, and the third time, he surprisingly did not clear the ridge. That made for excellent sports television.
homermania says:
He's 28? Damn.
Kurt the Knife says:
If there ever was a real-life Charlie Brown looking kinda character...
just sayin'.

Damn Tivo TV box thing stopped recording after the second playoff hole. grr.
Kurt the Knife says:
I was confused there for a minute. Tivo quit on the way to 2nd playoff tee.
Kurt the Knife says:
Was kinda nice to see Daly get a payday.
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