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Atta boy, Charlie Beljan!
By mustang6560 on 7/9/12
I received several emails and private messages over the weekend from excited oobers about Charlie Beljan, the oober turned PGA Tour rookie.

For a brief moment in time, it appeared as though Charlie might win the Greenbrier Classic. In the second round, he fired an 8-under-par 62, which propelled him to the top of the leaderboard. And Charlie followed up his stellar round Friday with two 67s on the weekend. In the end, though, he came up just short of winning his first event on the PGA Tour and finished T3.

But, all is not lost for Charlie. In fact, with his T3 finish, he earned a cool $353,800 - his largest prize as a professional - which moved him up 63 spots in the FedExCup standings to number 145 and 112 spots on the PGA Tour money list to number 130. Hopefully Charlie can carry the momentum forward to his next few starts so he can break inside the top 125 on the money list, which will extend his fully exempt tour card through 2013.

Greenbrier Classic Leaderboard

Image via PGA Tour

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[ comments ]
Banker85 says:
GL Charlie!!!
Kickntrue says:
Awesome performance. Took and event I wouldn't have watched and had me glued to the TV. Awesome Mr. Beljan!
sjduffers says:
Move over Phil, here is the new master of the flop shot. Charlie holed out one (and celebrated like it was his first birdie ever!!) and made an other look easy, landing it perfectly after going over what would have been really big trouble, which Sir Nick (Faldo) who have played as a pitch into the bank with 2 bounces to go over the edge and praying it would shoot left towards the hole, without rolling all the way back down. Charlie? Straight at it, over everything! That took guts. Kudos for the T3.
chief_broom says:
I smell a sponsorship opportunity for oobgolf!
mustang6560 says:
@chief_broom- I'm not sure our "sponsorship" pockets are deep enough!
Torleif Sorenson says:
I echo SJDuffers's comment; that pitch-in at 13 was awesome - I'm sure I shouted loud enough that my downstairs neighbor wondered what was going on. I genuinely hope that this is the springboard to Charlie winning soon, not just for the money-list standing, but for that all-important two-year exemption.
1000 points for Charlie Beljan!
legitimatebeef says:
When Charlie wins we all win.
Panerai111 says:
Awesome! Go CHarlie!
hokie003 says:
I loved seeing that flop shot in person. You were a great one to follow Charlie, keep playing at a high level!
Matt F says:
Congratulations Charlie!
sticksboy says:
Congrats Charlie! You are fun to watch. You truley show why golf is a game and not just a paycheck. It's great to see you celebrate and having fun around the other stiffs on tour.
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