PGA Tour released details of new qualifying structure
By mustang6560 on 7/11/12
The details of the new PGA Tour qualifying structure were released yesterday.

The big difference between the current structure and the new structure is that the Tour Finals will replace Q-School, which we already knew. But, what we didn't know, was whether or not players would be seeded prior to the start of the finals based on their season long performance on the PGA Tour or Tour. And the answer is no.

Starting in 2013, the top 25 money winners on the Tour in the regular season will earn their PGA Tour cards, which follows the current structure. However, instead of the other 25 PGA Tour cards being handed out to the top performers at Q-School, the top 75 money winners on the Tour, numbers 126-200 in the FedExCup standings and non-members who have earned enough FedExCup points from their performance on the PGA Tour to place them 126-200 on the official FedExCup points list will be invited to compete in the Tour Finals for a chance to earn their tour cards for the next season.

Once the field is set for the Tour Finals, the money lists will be thrown out and everyone will start with a clean slate. There will be no difference between the player who finished 39th on the Tour money list or the player who finished 139th in the FedExCup standing. And this doesn't sit well with Sean Martin.
And so the PGA Tour spent so much time trying to find a way to fairly penalize those who entered the Tour Finals at the rear of the two lists that determined finals entry: the FedEx Cup points list and the Tour money list.

With no pre-finals seeding, the new system is nothing more than a drawn-out version of Q-School, lasting several weeks instead of six days. Like Q-School, all players hoping to earn Tour cards at the finals will start at zero. But unlike Q-School, entry to the finals is limited to players who competed on the and PGA tours in the previous year.
I tend to agree with Sean. I would have liked to see some sort of pre-seeding involved in the Tour Finals. The PGA Tour weights the FedExCup, which provides an advantage to the players who finished near the top of the standings, so why couldn't they come up with some sort of weighting system for the Tour Finals?

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bkuehn1952 says:
It is hard to get worked up over the Tour tweaking their qualification process. If you have the game to play on the PGA Tour, you will play. Maybe not right out of college but soon. The Tour is the pretty close to a meritocracy as far as playing priveleges
joe jones says:
Usually the devil is in the details. Time will tell if this is a better system or not. Just seems to me it could have been a lot simpler.
Kurt the Knife says:
Dang, now I have to rethink my entire plan.
mjaber says:
What I find odd is that the top 25 from the tour automatically get their card, but still need to play in the finals. I guess it has something to do with status/eligibility for the next season.

And what happens if one of those 25 finishes outside the top 50? Do they award another card, or does the guy who finished 50th get screwed?
mjaber says:
At least, that was how I read the write up I saw on golfchannel's app.
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