Would you let John Daly hit a golf ball off of your face?
By mustang6560 on 7/30/12
The season finale of Feherty airs tonight on The Golf Channel and it appears David saved the best for last - the episode features John Daly, the original bomber.

In a trailer for the episode, The Golf Channel released the scene where David lets John hit a drive off of his face, which is not something I would ever let happen (I like my face). But, my question to you is, Would you let John Daly hit a golf ball off of your face?

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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bkuehn1952 says:
My two questions would be:

1. How much will they pay me?
2. Has John been drinking?
bobhooe says:
maybe when he had the super mullet but not now.
legitimatebeef says:
If I were a mugging, glad-handing talk show host on the Golf Channel then yes I absolutely would do that along with many other inane acts such as letting Sergio Garcia hit me in the junk with a tennis ball. Anything to attract more eyeballs.
falcon50driver says:
Not no, but hell no.
Banker85 says:
Nucking Futs.
joe jones says:
After watching last nights show it appears that Daly has his life reasonably under control. I hope for his sake he is able to maintain sobriety and continue to be competitive on the tour. Can you imagine what he could accomplish on the senior tour. Lets only hope.
wrhall02 says:
Wild guess; @legitbeef is not a Feherty fan. But it's just a guess.

As easy as it is to make fun of Daley and his poor life choices, he is a very talented golfer. I watched him on the driving range when he was at rock bottom, even then, he showed incredible eye hand coordination.

I'd do it, for $$$$.
Matt F says:
No. Have to agree with joe after watching the show.
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