Jiyai Shin wins Kingsmill Championship in dramatic fashion
By mustang6560 on 9/10/12
Did anyone watch final round coverage of the Kingsmill Championship yesterday? Well, it was dramatic to say the least.

Paula Creamer was leading by one stroke over Jiyai Shin heading into the 72nd hole of the tournament. If she could par the 18th hole, which she did in her first three rounds at the River Course at Kingsmill Resort, then she would most likely win her first LPGA event in more than two years. Unfortunately, Paula bogeyed the final hole, which sent the tournament into a sudden-death playoff against Jiyai.

With a bogey fresh on her mind, Paula returned to the 18th tee box to continue her fight. And that's where the drama ensued. A normal sudden-death playoff may last for two, maybe three or four holes. But, Paula and Jiyai went back and forth eight times last night before the playoff was postponed due to darkness. When the playoff resumed this morning, it only took Jiyai one hole to defeat Paula.
It took nine playoff holes and an extra day for Jiyai Shin to defeat Paula Creamer for the Kingsmill Championship title. The two were sent into extra holes after Creamer missed a par opportunity to seal the win on Sunday. After going par-for-par playing the 18th hole eight times following their round, they decided to continue Monday morning due to darkness.

The two started on the 16th hole and after similar approach shots Creamer three-putted to take a bogey for the hole, giving Shin an easy putt for par to seal the win.
I guess I'm officially a "hardcore" golf fan because I chose to watch the LPGA instead of professional football (yikes!). At the end of the day, I'm a fan of good golf and Paula and Jiyai provided a lot of good golf last night following Rory McIlroy's second FedExCup Playoff victory.

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mjaber says:
The only thing I watched yesterday was the Niners (literally) beating the snot out of the Packers.
Kickntrue says:
"I guess I'm officially a "hardcore" golf fan because I chose to watch the LPGA instead of professional football (yikes!)." - Nathan Trifone

Please turn in your man-card, along with any and all personal belongings that would lead any person to believe you are actually, in fact, a man. Why don't you just spit on a burning American flag while you're at it, and we could add "traitor" to also, "un-American." - /bitter that Paula choked
srogers13 says:
Guys, you missed the real reason Nathan skipped out on football on Sunday, it is because my Redskins with RGIII mauled his Saints.
legitimatebeef says:
Shin won with a two-putt par to Paula's three-jack bogey, after eight straight prosaic pars, all on the same god-dang hole. Not what I'd call dramatic. "Jiyai Shin puts Kingsmill Championship out of its misery" is a more apt headline. The enthusiasm is nice and all but come on Nathan what do you take us for.
birdieXris says:
Paula got robbed. They should have just resumed that on the 18th hole. If you're not going to change the venue for the playoff after 8 shots at it, don't change it at all.
mustang6560 says:
@legitimatebeef- I guess you're not a fan of suspense.
mustang6560 says:
@srogers13- You hit the nail on the head. We got RG3'ed!
birdieXris says:
@mustang - suspense and drama ARE two different things. :)
mustang6560 says:
@birdieXris- Suspense and drama are very much related.
jcstoll says:
I didn't see it, but I'm guessing 18 is a hard hole - if neither of two top-ranked players can birdie it in 9 attempts at it on the same day!
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