How 'bout John Daly!
By mustang6560 on 8/7/12
John Daly is eerily close to earning his PGA Tour card.

Following his T5 finish at the Reno-Tahoe Open, which is his best finish on the PGA Tour since '05, he moved up to number 149 on the PGA Tour Money List and to number 150 on the FedExCup Standings. If he can move up 24 spots on the Money List by the end of the season, he'll earn his PGA Tour for the 2013 season. And, if he can move up 25 spots in the FedExCup Standings, he'll be able to compete in the FedExCup Playoffs.

John is in the field this week for the 94th PGA Championship and next week at the Wyndham Championship, so he has a realistic chance to accomplish one or both feats. But, he'll need two strong weeks to play himself into the FedExCup Playoffs and/or the Top 125 on the Money List.

It's been nearly six years since John had full exempt status on the PGA Tour. For more than the last half decade, he's been living off sponsor exemptions and past champion exemptions (Exempt Category 30) to earn a living. How cool would it be if John finally made it back to the pinnacle of golf?

While I'll be rooting for Luke Donald in the PGA Championship (as I have in each of the previous three majors), I'll also be rooting for Big John. I would like to see him back playing with the big boys full time.

John Daly's PGA Tour Profile

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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garmin says:
good luck, JD.
guzzlingil says:
I like JD......

hope he makes it...
birdieXris says:
Absolutely!!! I'll be on JD's bandwagon this week to. Has anybody seen the full episode of Feherty with Big John? It's really amazing the things he's gone through. I'd love to see a last charge from John Daly. Maybe a win, make the fedex cup, etc.
mjaber says:
I wonder if he's got any shot at all of earning a Ryder Cup spot...
madmx99 says:
If he makes it back, free Hooters wings for all!!!
Matt F says:
Xris, I saw it and it was really a good and honest look at the bloke. It seems he's got his head in the right place now, a decent women by his side and things are looking up.

I hope he does well.
Virtuaframax says:
chris, i did watch the episode and he scored huge points for me... the guy has a huge huge heart!!! and he went through a lot...

Im really hoping he can keep it together and make it back!!!
legitimatebeef says:
He may be close but it will be tough times I think. Because all those guys on the bubble will be fighting hard to secure status and while Daly has some game he is not exactly known for persistence or perseverance.
DougE says:
It's nice to see so many pulling for him. I, too, hope he makes it back.
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