Hank Haney continues to provide commentary on Tiger Woods
By mustang6560 on 8/8/12
In his pre-tournament press conference yesterday, Tiger Woods was asked, "Where do you put yourself in the arc of chasing Jack, and do you feel more urgency now that it's been since '08 [since you won your last major]?"

Tiger answered:
Well, I figure it's going to take a career. It's going to take a long time. Jack didn't finish his until he was 46, so if you go by that timetable, I've got 10 more years. Forty more majors is a lot. I've got plenty of time. With the training regimes that we have now and seeing guys play well, you can get on the right golf course and contend. You saw what happened with Tom being 59, Greg almost did it at Birkdale at 55ish or something like that, 54. So we can play late in our careers just because of our training; and also just getting the right golf course. You know, who knows.
And right on cue, Hank Haney, Tiger's former swing coach, was asked about his former pupil's assessment of his chances of breaking Jack's record. And predictably, Hank said he thinks Tiger will fall short of 18 major championships.
"When you look at all the factors that are involved in breaking Jack's record right now the odds probably don't favor Tiger," Haney told FOXsports.com.

"The last one at 46 - the 1986 Masters - was a miracle even to Jack, so it seems like giving Tiger 40 more chances is generous.

"You also have to assume that Tiger is able to stay healthy and avoid any other kind of personal turmoil that could derail his pursuit of Jack's record."
I used to give Hank the benefit of the doubt regarding his opinions on Tiger, but I'm starting to think the only reason he answers questions about Tiger is to get his name in the news so the golf world doesn't complete forget about him. With no professional students (that I know of) and with The Haney Project in its off season, it would be easy to do.

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dooboo says:
Hand probably needs to take positive approach, rather than negative...

Instead of saying don't favor tiger...say I wouldn't bet against Tiger.
instead of saying a miracle even to Jack...say I Jack can do it at 46, Tiger can do it as well...

Sometimes it is just better to shut up, if you got nothing good to say.
gpickin says:
Yeah, it makes him look petty, even if truthful (or in this case an opinion)
When talking about ex's, you always look like the @$$h0l3
mustang6560 says:
@gpickin- So true.
bkuehn1952 says:
Hank who?
rmetz676 says:
Isn't this the guy who failed at helping Barkley look so Barkley-esque?
rmetz676 says:
...or not so Barkley-esque...
Coach Chuck says:
Hank is talking sour grapes everytime he answers a question about TDub. He just can't let it go. But on that note I don't think TDub will not beat Jacks 18, he has been looking shakey under pressure and its not going to get easier, these guys now days are not going to lay down like when TDub was winning everything.
HotBacon says:
He was asked a question and he provided an answer. I see nothing wrong with what he said.
Sert Thipavong says:
Thats why Hank doesnt have any pros that want to work with him. He burnt his own bridge when he wrote about Tiger personal life.
mmontisano says:
he doesn't have any pros in his lineup because he's focusing in his golf schools.
Matt F says:
@bacon - 100% agree. Plus, do you really think the "media" is not going to ask Hank, they like to create controversy as much as they can. If Hank wasn't asked the question, there would be no story.
CeeBee says:
All he had to say was no one else is anywhere near breaking 18 majors. If Jack's record can be overcome, Tiger has the only legitimate chance to do it.
C-4 says:
Hank sounds just like an ex..once he told Tigers business, he was done. He never had Tigers best interest at heart anyway...Hank Who
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