The PGA of America is not interested in relocating PGA Championship
By mustang6560 on 8/9/12
Compared to The Masters, the U.S. Open, and The Open Championship, the PGA Championship, which is hosted by the PGA of America, is the ugly step child of the major championships. It's no less important than its peer tournaments, however, the PGA Championship is often considered to be the least prestigious of the four majors.

Regardless of its place in the major championship conversation, the PGA of America is very protective of its baby (which it should be), so when asked in its annual "State of the Association" speech if the PGA of America would consider allowing the PGA Championship to go abroad to a growing golf market like Asia, outgoing CEO Joe Steranka said absolutely not.
"America represents about 60 percent of the global GDP (gross domestic product)," said PGA of America CEO Joe Steranka.

"A big part of the International Olympic Committee's interest in adding golf to the Olympics was because of the size of the American marketplace and the television and media viewership.

"Moving the PGA Championship away from the number one market in the world, that's a real tough thing to justify from a business rationale standpoint."
I definitely understand Joe's explanation. However, if you had to relocate one of the three U.S.-based majors, it makes the most sense to relocate the PGA Championship.

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Image via PGA of America

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Scott Shields says:
I say make the Players a fifth major.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Overseas, this event is usually referred to as the "U.S. PGA Championship" to distinguish from similar tournaments held elsewhere around the world. Besides, the PGA of America no longer runs any national tours.
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