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South Carolina wants the PGA Championship again
By mustang6560 on 8/14/12
We're barely two days removed from the conclusion of the 94th PGA Championship and Nikki Haley, the Governor of South Carolina, and Roger Warren, the president of the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, are already campaigning to bring another major championship back to the Palmetto State.
"I stay in contact with the PGA and let them know that we are a very friendly golf state and can handle as many tournaments as they ever want to do," she said. "And I will work hard to see that they do that."
I'm not opposed to seeing the U.S. Open or the PGA Championship played in South Carolina, however, from what I've read I don't think The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Resort is a suitable major championship venue. oober jfurr could speak to this better than me as he attended the PGA Championship, however, from what I've read, it sounded like getting to and from the course was a disaster. Fans were forced to park on the mainland and ride a bus back and forth, which took up to nearly three hours in some cases. The USGA and the PGA of America shouldn't pick the venue for a major championship simply for fan access, but they should try to avoid venues that make it difficult for fans to enjoy their experience.

Should the PGA Championship return to The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island, or South Carolina? Discuss.

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Image via PGA of America

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jfurr says:
Well, the shuttle situation was tough - there is some discussion about the logistics problems on some of the golf.com website. But I get why they have to do it, there is little shelter out there so they had to err on the side of caution with the possibility of thunderstorms rolling through. I'm over my crying about it.

I had friends who went on various days, had great times (one witnessed Rory's ball land in the tree) - and I have also heard of others who got turned away on the bad weather days and got stuck in nightmare traffic for hours. I guess it's just a little luck in the timing. I recommend arriving earlier in the morning than I did (and take an umbrella).

I thought the course looked nice on TV though, and that wind was something else.

Wonder what the pro's thought about playing it?
Torleif Sorenson says:
In his book "Open," John Feinstein detailed the headache-inducing transportation and security arrangements that needed to be nailed down before the 2002 U.S. Open at Bethpage - a situation made far worse by normal heavy traffic on Long Island. They got through it perfectly fine and held another U.S. Open there in 2009.

Logistical problems can be solved with intelligent leadership and management; my attitude is that the Ocean Course deserves another major. I wish Governor Haley and Mr. Warren all the best in bringing another high-profile event to Kiawah Island.

And yes, as punishing as the Ocean Course is, if I ever had money, time, and transportation to get there, I would play it in a heartbeat.
legitimatebeef says:
I feel bad for our buddy jfurr, I would've had an emotional meltdown if I was forced on to a bus for three hours just to get to my car.

The course looked great on tv and the tee shots made players think but there wasn't much nuance to the approach shootin. It was aerial target golf all the way. All in all it was okay.
chief_broom says:
As a life long resident of Augusta, Ga I have some familiarity with major championship golf and the effect it has on the surrounding community. As prepared as the National is for handling large crowds throughout the week bad weather is always a problem and the fact is for the patrons there isn't much shelter to speak of when bad weather hits on the course. What happens here is everyone vacates the course and fills up every place in the surrounding area. At a remote place like Kiawah Island even having better course access wouldn't have mattered much because there aren't a lot of businesses or places where people can come inside. Add to that a lack of road access and the potential exists for a real nightmare.
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