Tools carefully chosen
Choosing one's weapons wisely
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/17/12
Everyone needs tools.

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds have their F-16s. Dr. Sheldon Cooper had Glenn, the battle ostrich. I have my ergonomic keyboard.

But then, there is the dilemma of the three-club tournament.

Golf course owners and managers have been known to host fun, silly, and/or unusual events like "night golf" using glow-in-the-dark golf balls. But more serious golfers have been known to gravitate toward tournaments where each player is restricted to carrying three clubs. The delicious part of these contests is to see who can do the most with a limited arsenal.

For many golfers, two of the choices would be seemingly simple - a putter and a comfortable short-iron. But what to use off the tee, off the fairway, and out of the deep stuff? As for this writer, the choice is simple. I would not hesitate to grab my ultra-sweeeeet 2-iron. I love my 2-iron. I never miss with my 2-iron. It's the only truly "safe" club in my bag.   :-P

Which clubs would you choose for a three-club tournament?

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srogers13 says:
I would choose my three hybrid, 8 iron, and sand wedge. Long putts would be taken care of with the hybrid, and short putts with the wedge.
JDriem says:
3 hybrid, my 9 Iron since I always hit that well and a putter
Banker85 says:
4 hybrid, 8 iron, putter.
Mr_X says:
2 Hybrid, 8 Iron and a 52 Wedge. I have been dying to play a two or three club round, but know I play with wants to join me.
GBogey says:
First 2 are easy - 3-Hybrid and 52 wedge - lots of versatility and creative options with those clubs. Last one is harder, but probably 7 iron. Would use hybrid to putt.
Virtuaframax says:
it would depend on the course i play and its lenght. I would mainly look at the par 3s and 4s distances to see which clubs would serve me better to not leave me with an awkward distance from the pin.
def the putter would be in since i cannot putt with the blade of the wedge
DoubleDingo says:
3i, 7i, 52*. I putt better with a wedge than I do a putter anyhow.
birdieXris says:
Mine depends on the Overall distance of the course. If it's a longer course, it'll be 3hybrid, 8iron, putter but for a shorter course i may go 4iron, 9 iron and putter. I've known guys to take hybrid, 7 iron, gap wedge though. Putting with a hybrid. Good idea if you know how to putt with the hybrid.
mjaber says:
5h, 52*, chipper... Yes, I own a chipper. It's a neat little device, and since it's got a putter feel to it, but a little more versatility than a putter, I think it would be well suited for this particular type of round.
white_rabbitt says:
I've played in a couple of these tournaments. It does depend on the course but generally, I will use a 5i, PW, putter. I have also gone w/ a 3i, 7i, SW setup before too. (putt w/ the wedge) It's surprising how well you can do w/ just 3 clubs!
Duke of Hazards says:
Driver, 9i, 56*
aaronm04 says:
3-wood, 8-iron, putter
snkli says:
We had a 3 club night in my league just a few weeks ago. The big debate was whether to have a driver or putter as your 3rd club. Putting w/ a driver had very mixed results. Some putted lights out and where making 6-10 ft putts, while others couldn't roll anything straight. The only consistent feedback was to have a club w/ some loft that could be used for chipping and to get out of tight lies from the bunker. I went with putter, 4h, and 9i.
SteveMM says:
I would probably go with a putter, PW, and either a 7i or 5-hybrid. Another possibility would be PW, 7i and 5-hybrid, and putt with the 5-hybrid.
bducharm says:
We do a 4 club tournament every year. I choose 3W, 6 iron, 9 iron, and 54 degree sand wedge. I putt the long putts with my 3W and the shorter ones with the 54!!! I have shot 75 with 4 clubs!!!
bkuehn1952 says:
My experience has been you need a wedge of some sort. With only three clubs you typically won't have a lot of GIR and will need a good close in club. To my surprise, a putter was not that much help for me and I could two "putt" with a bladed wedge or fairway wood almost as effectively. My line up would be 3-wood, 7 iron and gap wedge, much like many other Oobers.
spackler455db says:
We actually do this as well as a 1 club round every year in our league. I take my 3 hybrid, a pitching wedge, and a putter. For the one club round i use a 7 iron.
rmetz676 says:
Driver, 8 iron, 60* wedge... I'm almost as good with the wedge as my putter inside of 10 feet
jfurr says:
I really want to do this, or the one club round.
mmontisano says:
5 iron, pitching wedge and putter.
cph2133 says:
4 hybrid, 7 iron, PW. I'd putt with the hybrid.
lrpeterson says:
I would use a 4i (tee box into 160yds), 9i (160yds in to green... And sand), and putter.
Matt F says:
3 hybrid, 7 iron and putter.
mrcgamble says:
being that I actually live on a par 3 here in florida and take my young boys out frequently, I have become fairly adapt to putting with anything from a wedge to an 8i....thus my three club choice (taking into consideration length of the course (par 72)) would be 2 hybrid (15*), 7i, and 51* wedge. like someone else said before long putts with hybrid and anything inside 20ish feet would be stroked confidently with the wedge.
falcon50driver says:
SniderS says:
Driver, 7 Iron, Putter. I sure as hell can't hit my 7 Iron 250 yards but I can hit it everywhere under 200. The putter covers the other end of the spectrum.
jpjeffery says:
3W, for tee shots, long fairways shots and putting.
7 iron.
Bryan K says:
5w, 7i, and 56* wedge.

I really want a fourth club, though, so I can bring my putter.
woobwoob says:
3 wood, GW (50°), Putter
lcarraway80 says:
2 Hybrid; 8 iron ; 54 degree wedge... I wish I could find something like this.
jel1011 says:
3 wood 5 iron putter
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