Golf created Justin Bieber
By mustang6560 on 8/20/12
oobgolf is definitely not Justin Bieber's target audience — unless you are a teenage girl who tracks her stats. But, I'm willing to bet they're several oobers who know the lyrics to Bieb's hit song "Baby" (he repeats the word "baby" for half of the song).

For those of you who either don't like Justin Bieber or don't know Justin Bieber (which is highly unlikely), I thought I'd share something golf-related about the teen idol that you may find interesting — he credits golf as the catalyst for his music career.
"I wanted to go golfing with my friends...but I didn't have any money." So he took his guitar and started busking on the steps of a town theater, hoping to make $20, enough scratch for a round. He came home with $200, as well as a new career.
What a heart warming golf story (I see a made-for-TV movie in there somewhere)! Just think, if it wasn't for the same great game we love, there'd be no Justin Bieber.

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Image via Flickr, ElHormiguero

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metnorm says:
I think I hate golf now.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Last year, I heard part of the lyrics for the tune "Baby." Cole Porter, eat your heart out.
bobhooe says:
I heare he's a +1
homermania says:
Gosh! Can I go one day on this site without hearing about Justin Bieber?!
Matt McGee says:
He plays golf? Now there's one thing that I can appreciate about Justin Bieber. This also marks the first time I've read an article with his name in the headline.
Red letter day.
falcon50driver says:
legitimatebeef says:
Golf. Is there anything it isn't good for?
cvargo says:
whats a bieber?
legitimatebeef says:
Move over Justin Timberlake, there's not enough room in this town for two golf-lovin' teenybopper idols named Justin.
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