It's good to be David Faircloth!
By mustang6560 on 8/21/12
Sergio Garcia's victory at the Wyndham Championship wasn't only special for the Spaniard because it was his first victory on the PGA Tour in over four years, it was also special for his caddie, David Faircloth.

David isn't a regular looper on the PGA Tour — he's a caddie at Eagle Point, a private country club in North Carolina. And the only reason he was at Sedgefield Country Club in the first place was to caddie for one of his members who was playing in the Pro-Am. But, following a missed cut in the PGA Championship, Sergio needed a caddie for the tournament — one with local knowledge and one who wouldn't get in the way much. So, David was tapped for the job.
"My role was basically to just stay out of the way," Faircloth said Tuesday on "Morning Drive." "He pretty much did everything."

Well, almost everything.

Faircloth carried the bag, obviously, and he tended the flag, and he held the umbrella, and he cleaned the clubs. What he didn't do, however, was calculate yardages or read putts. Said Garcia, "I just wanted to have someone who carried the bag, pretty much. He did push me around a little bit sometimes, offered encouragement, but I wanted to do my own thing to work on my confidence, and it worked well."
The best part of the story is David will receive a large check for his efforts. A caddie's cut is typcially 10% of a player's earnings, so under normal circumstances David would receive $96k (Sergio's winnings were $960k). But, since he was more of just a warm body, Sergio said he isn't going to pay him all $96k.
"He’ll probably get 75 (thousand) and a tip," Garcia said Monday, laughing, before adding, "He's going to be happy with what he gets. Obviously he's not going to get what a normal caddie would get, because his job was fairly easy. But he'll be happy with whatever he gets."
I'm willing to bet David won't be too disappointed as he's walking away with $75k more in his pocket than he had to start the week.

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bkuehn1952 says:
I am a bit surprised they did not work out what he would be paid ahead of time. Outside the pro tour, every caddie usually knows in advance what his paycheck is, excluding the tip. On the professional level most caddies have a negotiated salary plus a sliding scale bonus tied to the player's finish.
norm_pyle says:
I'm surprised as well, and at Sergio's comment. Sometimes, the best thing a caddie can do is get out of the way, which is what he did. And it worked! So he's going to stiff the caddie for what? 20%? If I was Sergio, I'd simply pay the $96K and no tip, since he doesn't seem to feel he did anything extra. Seems more fair to me.
bobhooe says:
"He's going to be happy with what he gets" this dude can't get out of his own way, he always sounds like an Ahole.
gpickin says:
You're right, to save face, he should have just said, we discussed a special rate for the one off, not a bad week for a caddie at all.
But it didn't come out sounding too hot ;)
Banker85 says:
Why are they even talking about what the caddie is going to earn. Shit, i would do it for $1,000 a day. I am sure he will be happy with Prob $80 Large for a weeks work.
joe jones says:
Tour loopers have a motto. Show up, keep up and shut up. It seems to me that is what David did. No more, no less. Why should he be stiffed by Sergio. Yes the $70,000 is great but it is a typical response by Sergio. When he won I felt good for him. Now I couldn't care less whether he does well or not. This goes beyond dumb. It's an example of how athletes think their stuff doesn't stink.
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