"I'd love Tiger to go out first and kick his ass"
By mustang6560 on 8/23/12
Rory McIlroy is a savvy young man.

Unlike his idol, Tiger Woods, the Ulsterman is not afraid to give the media something to write about. He understands the media plays an important role in shaping the opinions of golf fans around the world, so he's willing to be honest and forthcoming most of the time.

During his pre-tournament press conference yesterday, Rory was asked about a potential current number one versus former number one match up in the Ryder Cup. And Rory provided a pretty colorful answer.
"I know the Ryder Cup is a ways away," one reporter asked, "But how --"

McIlroy snatched the question mid-air: "Yeah, I'd love to go out there," he joked. "I'd love Tiger to go out first and kick his ass."
Tiger was next in the press conference lineup, so naturally he was asked to respond to Rory's playful comment.
"I know he was joking, but are you ready to have your ass kicked by Rory at Medinah?" asked a voice from the crowd minutes later.

"At Medinah?" Tiger said, already slipping into a smile. "No."
I would absolutely love to see Rory and Tiger square off in a singles match on the final day of the Ryder Cup. And further, I'd love to see the cup come down to their match. I, along with everyone who is a fan of golf, would be glued to the TV in that match up were to happen.

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bkuehn1952 says:
Sadly, I think the Captains still keep their line-ups secret. It would be great if the Captains alternated "picking" their players for each match so they could set-up some desired pairings
srogers13 says:
Rory actually saw Tiger come into the room as he was answering the previous question, and made reference to Tiger being in there ready to go. so when he answered that question, he said it as a joke to Tiger.
Banker85 says:
Awesome stuff. Why did he say "Tiger go out first" ? I cant wait for the ryder cup. Who says golf sucks after the PGA? some of the best golf coming up with the playoffs and ryder cup!
joe jones says:
Rory seems to be liked by everyone in golf including Tiger. Tiger is always very complimentary about him. I like the way he approaches the game. Hit the ball and find it is refreshing. He seems to smile a lot even when things go wrong. Can you imagine what he can accomplish once he fills in a little. Folks. Enjoy the next 20 years or so. You might be in line for something very special.
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